While it may appear that I’m just kicking the hive, here is further proof to my statement that open carry simply gives criminals a chance to develop a plan of action to take your gun. Open carry may be legal. It may be protected by the Constitution. But it leaves you at a disadvantage.

Here is a short video proving it is a bad idea to carry your fireams openly. Before the carrier could react, a criminal got his gone and was gone.

Unless you have a partner or a backup gun, carrying openly puts you at a disadvantage. Conceal your gun. It is the best way to improve your odds in a deadly force incident.

Video Transcript

Welcome to another edition of “Into the Fray.” I’m Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry Magazine.

The birds are chirping
The sky is blue
And I have video evidence that
Open carry is the wrong thing to do

My little poem not withstanding, we’ve got a 19-second video here that shows — irrefutably — that open carry is not the right thing to do. It provides a tactical advantage to your adversary. Now I’ve said this over and over again: If you practice open carry, what you’re doing is giving the bad guy a chance to formulate a plan and then carry it out and attack you.

Now watching this video: Here’s a guy ordering at McDonald’s. Bad guy walks up behind him and just grabs the gun right out of his holster and walks out. Later on they said the good guy chased the bad guy down and what do you think happened? The bad guy pointed the gun at him and said, “Get back. I got your gun. You can’t have it.” Game over.

Now, concealed carry, it is often said — and I really like this quote — gives criminals the maximum opportunity to make a fatal error in the victim selection process. Open carry allows criminals to figure out a way to attack you and decide if they want to try to take your gun. Open carry is great if you want to make a political statement, if you’re in a large group of people and everybody’s open carrying and fine. But you can’t believe for a minute that you are going to be situationally aware 100 percent of the time. And it only takes once. Nineteen-second video. Just two seconds. It happened so fast the guy couldn’t even react to it. The gun is gone, suddenly you no longer have your means of self-defense. And you’re not getting your gun back unless you were carrying a backup gun.

So please carry concealed. Keep your firearm effectively concealed everywhere you go and only pull it out when you need it to fend off an immediate deadly threat. I’m Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. If you like these videos, please share them with all your friends and subscribe to our page. We’ll give you more great information every week.