Who Is The USCCA?

The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) is a membership organization that provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to responsibly armed Americans like you.

Since its inception in 2003, and together with its flagship publication Concealed Carry Magazine, the USCCA has proudly supported a community of hundreds of thousands of patriots from all around the country. It’s our mission to arm our loyal members with the tools they need to safely and confidently protect themselves and their loved ones with the utmost peace of mind.

Mission Statement

By 2022, The USCCA Will



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USCCA Members







Home of the USCCA

Located at 1000 Freedom Way in West Bend, Wisconsin. The USCCA headquarters
stands as a pillar for upholding the American dream.

We're Members, Too

Our USCCA Team is dedicated to providing you with an unprecedented experience. In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, our team still believes in good, old-fashioned American customer service. When you call our award-winning team, whether in an emergency or even just to say hi, you’ll be graciously greeted by a friendly voice—and a warm, Midwestern accent!

Our entire team—who all arm themselves with the same Self-Defense SHIELD protection as our USCCA members–embraces the firearms industry and concealed carry lifestyle. So, when you call with inquiries about your membership, to brag about your newest gun, or just to check on the Wisconsin weather, you’re guaranteed to also make a friend.

We’re open 24/7, call us:


Emergency Critical Response Team is
Directly Available 24/7/365

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Guns, Freedom, & The American Dream

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the USCCA!

My name’s Tim Schmidt, and I founded Delta Defense with Tonnie Schmidt back in 2003 when we created the very first issue of Concealed Carry Magazine – our self-defense publication that focuses on responsible gun ownership – right at our kitchen table. Despite Concealed Carry Magazine’s “humble beginnings,” it really took off over the next several years and eventually grew into a national organization – the United States Concealed Carry Association – that provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to its members.

As the greatest mentor in my life (my dad, Russ) always said to me, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” Reflecting back on that advice today, I’m so glad that Tonnie and I didn’t give up on our dream. (Perhaps more accurately, I’m glad our friends, our family, our team and – ultimately – the great people of the USCCA community didn’t let me give up.

It’s because of people like you and this incredible country we live in that I’ve set out on this journey – a journey that inspires me to get out of bed each day, holster up my Glock 19 and do everything in my power to protect and provide for my family.

I’m humbled to work with a dynamic team of dedicated employees who have joined me on this journey.

And I’m humbled by the millions of responsibly armed Americans – like you – who will stop at nothing to protect their loved ones.

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association isn’t just my story or Tonnie’s story. It’s our story. It’s the story of guns, freedom and the American Dream.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt