The Story Of The United States Concealed Carry Association:

Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do

Uncover The Raw Truth Of The USCCA, The Self-Defense SHIELD, And The Team That Makes It All Possible…

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"My wife and kids… the four reasons why I carry my gun every single day."

The Story Of The USCCA…

By President & Founder Tim Schmidt

If you’re like me, you believe that self-defense is a natural-born right.

The USCCA is for people like you and me, people who are willing to carry a concealed weapon to protect their loved ones.

Now, get ready for some goosebumps, a little disbelief, and a whole lot of good-old-fashioned American pride!


Tim Schmidt

President & Founder, USCCA

Publisher of Concealed Carry Magazine

There Are Two Kinds of People… Which One Are You?

There are really two kinds of people in this world. The first kind is the person that is always looking to someone else to take care of them.

You know what I’m talking about. Nowadays, it’s all we hear on the news. These people want the government to provide for them and they want the police to protect them and provide their safety. (Some call these people sheep or sheeple!)

And then there’s the OTHER kind of person, the person that truly believes in personal responsibility…

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Meet The USCCA Team

With over 80 employees from all around the country, our team knows the true meaning of being responsibly armed Americans. We all believe in what the USCCA stands for and strive to provide you a member experience you won’t find anywhere else! From copywriters to graphic designers, from Education to IT, our team is dedicated to our members!

Our Award-Winning, American-Based
Member Services Team…

When you call the USCCA, you will be connected with one of our many highly trained and reliable Member Services Team Members.

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Quality Assurance

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Account Executive

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Member Services Advisor

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Training Specialist

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Process Consultant

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Workforce Management

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Member Services Administrator

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Here's What Our Members Have To Say…

I realized I have to be ready if that moment comes…

I realized 5 years ago when my daughter was born that it is my sole responsibility to keep her, and my family, safe. In today's rapidly changing world, you never know when a threat could stare you in the face. I realized I have to be ready if that moment comes, and I'm going to need someone watching my back if I ever have to defend myself and my family by using my firearm. That's why I joined the USCCA. They've got my back, and they help me stay prepared. Thank you Tim for all that you do!

Jeremy T., Virginia

USCCA Member Since 2015

I joined because I don't want to go for the ride alone…

As I think about the what-ifs, I am hyper-aware that both criminal and civil prosecution could occur if I were involved in an incident with a firearm. I see and read about all kinds of incidents around the country where people who are lawfully armed defend themselves against attack or intrusion with deadly force and find themselves cast in the role of the criminal. They may eventually be exonerated, but they still have to "go for the ride." I joined USCCA because I don't want to "go for the ride" alone or with only my own limited resources to fund the fight. I joined USCCA because I want access to training and training materials so that I can both stay current and stay prepared.

Cris A., Colorado

USCCA Member Since 2015

You guys have taught me things I don't think I would have learned anywhere else…

After reading my first issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, I've learned that you guys are about a whole LOT more than just properly concealing a weapon. I have learned more about the laws and the do's and don'ts of carrying concealed. I am 52 years old, and if there is one thing I do know, it’s that I don't know everything. USCCA has taught me new techniques to carry, train and be safe with my CCW. You guys have taught me things I don't think I would have learned anywhere else, and for that I am immensely grateful.

Frank M., Florida

USCCA Member Since 2014

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Supporting Our Local Communities And All Responsibly Armed Americans…

Chicago v. McDonald

Decided June 28, 2010

The Supreme Court was debating a case regarding our Second Amendment rights. The USCCA partnered with Buckeye Firearms Foundation to fund a Constitutional expert to research and write an Amicus brief and submit it to the court.

Of the many briefs submitted to this high-profile case, the USCCA’s was one of only two mentioned. Justice Antonin Scalia even included it in his non-dissenting opinion. Our side won the case, and the Supreme Court agreed that residents of Chicago are legally able to keep handguns in their homes. The USCCA became part of Second Amendment history that day!

Veteran's Trek

August 2013 to February 2014

On Labor Day weekend in 2013, two Iraq War Veterans set out to walk from Milwaukee, WI to Los Angeles, CA. Their efforts were to raise money for a documentary called Almost Sunrise, but, more importantly, their purpose was to raise awareness of the terrifyingly high number of daily military suicides and other issues affecting our veterans.

Tim contributed to their mission simply because he believes in fighting for a cause that’s bigger than any one person. Additionally, he reached out to the USCCA community, who helped the two veterans reach and ultimately surpass their goal by raising $105,000 for the film.

Habitat For Humanity

Since 2012

It’s been since early on that we’ve strongly believed in giving back to our local communities. One way we actively do this is by participating in Habitat for Humanity builds. Our team takes time out of their schedules to volunteer on these build dates, rain or shine, and have been involved with building homes for eight deserving local families.

Delta Defense also financially supports Habitat for Humanity by making regular monetary contributions–and has even donated a repurposed dump truck to the organization.

Why Sean Hannity Joined

Hear Why One Of The Most Trusted Conservative Voices In America Is A Proud Card-Carrying Member…

“As a proud member of the USCCA, I have peace of mind knowing that if I ever have to use my weapon to save the life of my loved one, they will be in my corner."

Hear Why Hannity Chose The USCCA

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