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United States Concealed Carry Association:

Uncover the Story of the USCCA...

In 2003, with the birth of his first son, USCCA President Tim Schmidt experienced a self-defense “awakening” and embarked upon the journey to becoming his family’s ultimate protector. Together with co-founder Tonnie Schmidt, they set out to build a resource for everyone who is willing to take their personal safety, and the safety of their families, into their own hands.

With the launch of Concealed Carry Magazine and an online forum, the USCCA was born. Today, it has evolved into one of the fastest-growing organizations in the firearm community. USCCA Membership provides you with three layers for total preparedness: Education to shape your awareness and mindset, Training to sharpen your skills and responses, and Legal Protection to shield you from the unpredictable aftermath of self-defense.

Discover the inspiring movement that has empowered millions of responsibly armed Americans to become more confident protectors of their families…

The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) is a membership organization that provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to responsibly armed Americans like you.

Our mission is to educate and train 10,000,000 responsibly Armed Americans, protect 1,000,000 USCCA Members, stop 20,000 crimes and save 1,000 lives by 2022.

We’d love to hear from YOU!

Our American-based Member Services team is standing by to hear from YOU! Everyone on our award-winning team is armed with the same legal Self-Defense SHIELD protection that USCCA Members enjoy.

Our team embraces the firearms industry and concealed carry lifestyle, and are standing by to answer any questions you might have about guns, concealed carry laws, and of course USCCA Membership! We’re here to help you.

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You can contact us any of the following ways… Call: 800-674-9779 | Text: 877-720-7798
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“We’re supposed to provide for and protect our families and our loved ones… and I don’t think people hear that enough.”

- Tim Schmidt

Founder & President of USCCA

Empowering Responsibly Armed Americans To Protect Their Loved Ones With Confidence...

Prepare Your Mind

With industry-leading education, our goal is to prepare you for the unthinkable. Develop situational awareness skills, sharpen your warrior mindset, and truly understand the laws that govern your rights.

Prepare Your Body

You’ll learn how to develop muscle memory, keep your skills sharp, and train for real-life situations. The USCCA is quickly being recognized as the best and most complete firearms training resources in the country.

Prepare Your Future

With the most trusted legal protection available, you can rest easy knowing you have the power of the USCCA on your side. Whether at home, on the road, or in your community, the USCCA will have your back when you need us most.

Ready to Join the USCCA family?

Your USCCA Membership is 100% risk free and arms you with the self-defense education, training and legal protection you need to protect your family with confidence.