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GUNTRY is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting and training center that boasts the comforts and amenities of a country club.

“The USCCA curriculum is one of the best out there at this time. It is very clear. The information they provide to the students, the handouts, the online portals, the e-learning curriculums are all great for people who need to go back at times to refresh their memories or continue studying how to become a proper gun owner. ”

– Dean Palmere, Operations Manager & USCCA Certified Instructor

A Girl & a Gun


A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a ladies-only organization established by women for women pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooters!

128 Locations   |   Founded in 2011

With 128 Locations   |   Founded in 2011

“What I love about the USCCA curriculum is that it’s industry BEST practices. At a girl & a gun, we want to do things the right way. We want our women to be confident and proficient with their firearms.”

– Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director, A Girl & A Gun, Cedar Park, TX

Lake Country
Fletcher Arms
Lake Country Fletcher Arms
Fletcher Arms opened in 1978 and was purchased by Sean Eaton in 2008. In 2011, it became dually-owned by Sean and Megan Eaton. Together they’ve grown the business substantially and now have two locations and 30 employees, adding the Fletcher Arms Lake Country location in 2021. Fletcher Arms offers Concealed Carry courses, Basic Handgun, Ladies Only Handgun, an extensive Defensive Handgun Series, Home Defense, Shotgun courses, and Rifle Courses. Fletcher Arms has many events with manufacturers throughout the year and is a proud USCCA Official Partner.
2 Locations   |   Founded in 1978

“I’ve been working with the USCCA for about four years now. The USCCA is our partner and it really does feel like a partnership. The demand for education really skyrocketed in 2020 and having opportunities for people to train and learn has definitely impacted our business in a very positive way. Having the USCCA curriculum as our Fletcher Arms curriculum helps to attract people because they know it is credible, they know about the USCCA, and it is very intriguing for people. As a USCCA-certified instructor, I love the tools that the USCCA gives us.”

– Megan Eaton, owner, Fletcher Arms & Fletcher Arms Lake Country, Waukesha, WI
Safeside Tactical

“We send emails when people book a class, make a range reservation or opt in for e-receipts. The free e-guide offered by the USCCA’s digital sales program is a great addition to these emails. A recent email send that included promotion of the guide gave us 1,300 impressions on our email footers, 14 clicks and five conversions from promoting the guide. That’s really good statistically. We’re providing a service to our customers that doesn’t cost them anything. And we made an additional $2,000 of profit for the 10 minutes it took to set it up. I don’t have that margin in any other part of my business, and I expect it to continue to grow.”

– Mitchell Tyler, co-owner and vice president, SafeSide Tactical, Roanoke, Va.

Sporting Arms
David Drummond
Carolina Sporting Arms

“One of the most important parts of the digital marketing program offered is that the USCCA provides great internal support. Marketing content and graphic art provided really help to streamline the process. The tools are right there in a folder. We send big training calendar emails at least two times per month, adding the free guide/content, as well as a stand-alone message referencing the USCCA partnership with CSA Guns once a month with a link to the free guide. [The lead generation] with the guide has been a great addition to our marketing program, and a win/win for everybody involved.”

– David Drummond, owner, Carolina Sporting Arms, Charlotte, N.C.

Johns Creek
Indoor Range
Johns Creek Indoor Range

“Participating in the USCCA digital sales program has been more than worth it because it’s covered most of my fees. My GM was blown away at how much money I’ve been able to generate for the range with this program and it’s pretty much ‘free money’ for us. I plaster the banner ads pretty much everywhere – Facebook, newsletter blasts, Twitter and Instagram, and on our website. I always notice a spike in the activity on our banner after I send out an email with the banner in it, and the links and banners are so easy to plug and play.”

– Jessica Viverito, Social Media Director, Johns Creek Indoor range, Forsyth County, GA

The Armories

“We’re so happy with the partnership we have with the USCCA as you’re so supportive of our business. We appreciate the digital sales program and talk about the free guide at every sale. We have prepositioned laptops in the store that feature our website and direct people right to the USCCA digital sales link. We differentiate ourselves by making the guide a fundamental piece of our sales process – It’s worth it to open a tab and explain the guide from a consultant/educational resource approach during each sale. Having that USCCA banner front and center is a big deal to us, and bringing the partnership into the conversation with customers shows the depth of The Armories as an expert.”

– Matt Brett, General Manager, The Armories, Kissimmee, FL

Texas Gun

“We are a 35,000 sq ft facility, we’re retail, range, training academy and a whole lot more. We’ve been a partner for about a year now and it’s really been good for both of us I think. We’ve really been hooked up immediately and helped out with materials in the training room, out in the range, and in the show room.”

– Bryan Rastok, Director of Marketing, Texas Gun Experience, Grapevine, TX