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The USCCA has over 426 certified firearms instructors across America. You’ll be able to easily keep your edge when you connect with one of our instructors.

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Self-Defense SHIELD

The USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD insurance-backed member benefit safeguards the futures of over 230,000 responsibly armed Americans from all 50 states. It provides legal and financial protection against criminal and civil charges if you’re ever forced to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones.

When you combine the education, training and protection of the Self-Defense SHIELD, you will discover that the USCCA is the ultimate solution for responsible, American gun owners.

Self-Defense SHIELD Is The Most Comprehensive
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Sean Hannity
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Protecting my family means more to me than just keeping them safe…

Protecting them from financial distress, legal distress and personal attack. My wife and daughter deserve to live in a place where all of these things will not affect them and where they may be safe from any harm that may be brought against them.

Zach B., Texas

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It is important to be able to defend my family, home and country…

Having a gun will allow me to protect my family physically when a situation comes up that requires it and USCCA will allow me to protect my family financially in the event I have to use my gun. The information on this site and the magazines have helped us to make rational and informed choices in how to defend our home and ourselves in an increasingly dangerous time.

Christopher E., Washington

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It is an honor and privilege to be a member of like-minded individuals that are diligent in protecting individuals and American liberties.

Richard & Sheryl B., Louisiana

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