USCCA Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the hundreds of responsibly armed Americans who have entered our contests and walked away winners…

“What a fantastic surprise you gave me at the end of 2015! For a guy that never wins anything, what a nice addition to my collection!

Both my wife & I received our concealed carry license in the summer of 2015–we joined USCCA very shortly after that. We carry our firearms and a membership in USCCA for the same reasons: we want to protect our family…”

– Mark B., Texas

“I would like to let you know I received my winner’s check. I was totally surprised, excited, and grateful when I received the call letting me know I had won.

Just 2 days before the call, I received my pistol purchase permit from the state (took 2 and a half months to get it). The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I didn’t think anyone from NJ ever won anything that had to do with a gun. I checked your winners list and to my surprise I found 11 other people from NJ who had previously been selected. I guess I now make it an even dozen.”

– Martin T., New Jersey

“I’m now proof that the legal disclosure of ‘No purchase necessary to win’ is absolutely true!”

Thank you so much for selecting my name as a winner of the daily drawing for the value of a handgun. It was very exciting because I can’t remember ever winning something substantial in a contest I entered. And I’m now proof that the legal disclosure of “No purchase necessary to win” is absolutely true!! I wasn’t a member and had not read much of the USCCA materials before entering the contest. I just entered, and then a few days later received a great phone call telling me I won!

– David W., Illinois

“My favorite thing about the USCCA is the peace of mind…”

I want to thank you for the giveaway…never, ever expected that. Sincerely appreciated! My favorite thing [about the USCCA]…sure being a member and reading the magazine…But the reality is the peace of mind. As an instructor, I bring multiple copies of your publication to each class…AND I DO explain why! I encourage students to think first about this… I believe in USCCA and do my best to sell it…well, two things are now clear…I have greater motivation based on my fortune and I am now committed to being more diligent in being a participant in your training offerings…

– Larry S., Michigan

“First time winning anything…I will never forget your gift.”

Thanks again for the winning check I received one day before my birthday! Thank you so much for such a great gift and service you provide. My favorite thing about USCCA is “Into The Fray.” Very informative and ongoing, up-to-date material concerning guns, safety and so much more. I upgraded to a Kimber Master Carry Ultra with the winning check… I have had my eyes on it for a while. You made it happen! First time winning anything by the way. I will never forget this birthday and I will never forget your gift.

– Gregory W., Texas

See All Of Our Lucky Winners Below...

Enter any of our giveaways for your chance to find your name on the Winners List

Jack K., WI
Ed R., MA
Dudley B., FL
Charles W., FL
David F., AZ
Jeffrey Z., NC
Tyler J., KY
Michael G., TX
Donald H., TX
Joel T., IL
Seth F., GA
Sterling S., OK
Jeff G., FL
George I., FL
Jay W., CT
Brent K., TX
Cynthia C., TX
Kris K., PA
Lois B., TX
John G., MI
James S., ND
Geri C., GA
Gene C., MO
Linda F., TX
David W., ID
Joseph H., TX
Keith D., TN
Steve E., KY
Kenny R., NC
Justin C., TX
Lance B., MN
Matthew T., NY
Jeffrey W., FL
Lawrence A., NE
John S., PA
Louie A., VA
Robert H., IL
James K., IN
Clinton L., TX
Noal J., IA
Dan E., OH
Anthony B., WI
John Y., PA
Ellen B., MI
Keith H., LA
Daniel C., NC
John K., MA
Daniel T., IN
Cynthia M., FL
Rhett C., TX
Michael B., OH
Alberto C., IL
Fred B., UT
LeRoy J., VA
Paul R., NC
Douglas H., OH
Robert B., PA
Michael T., NE
Spencer L., CA
Chassidy E., IN
David G., AZ
Brian G., OR
Christopher G., TX
Andrew H., TX
Erik B., WI
James G., WY
Steven G., NC
Michael M., MA
Gregory U., IN
Joseph N., FL
Todd P., NC
Richard C., IN
Sandra S., IN
Lester H., FL
Todd H., CO
Matthew D., AL
Dale M., FL
Al L., OH
Kurt K., CO
Yunier R., NV
Timothy S., MN
Dexter W., AL
Todd B., TX
Steven S., UT
Walter K., AL
John Y., PA
John V., CO
Ralph S., PA
Edwin G., OH
Don D., MO
Michael L., FL
Matthew R., ME
Norman R., TN
Bruce L., NJ
Lee B., NE
Gerald A., ND
Steven S., TX
Donald W., FL
Jacob H., VA
Derek S., MD
Rod H., IL
Paul H., AR
Dee-Anna S., AR
Paul P., IL
Tony J., GA
Michael N., TX
William H., MI
Robert C., CA
Wayne H., PA
Barry S., TX
Michael H., OH
Milton H., LA
Gary S., NC
Daniel M., KY
Joseph H., CA
John F., NC
Drake F., ND
Clay L., MO
Robert B., PA
Christopher L., CA
Chester S., NE
Robin P., CO
Joe S., NJ
Samuel M., NC
Daniel F., MN
Robert J., MN
Gary D., SC
Tom B., FL
Donald E., LA
Mike L., MO
Michael D., FL
Richard G., OR
Michael N., CT
Joseph J., TX
James H., GA
Thomas S., MD
Michael H., GA
William G., FL
John R., WI
Larry S., FL
Jerry P., NC
Robert B., OH
Tim P., KY
Blaine W., NY
John H., FL
Ron W., GA
Lori K., MN
Jon A., IA
Bryan H., PA
Charles S., CA
Cecil U., FL
Daniel L., CO
Tracy B., TX
Carson H., UT
Ramon H., TX
Mark K., KS
Martin K., IL
Forest S., NM
Robert C., UT
Donald A., WA
Robert S., VA
Derrick S., MO
John P., FL
Bowdie I., MI
Steven L., AZ
Matthew S., KY
Ed S., IL
Jim C., FL
Bruce A., FL
Peter S., MN
John F., OH
Manuel M., TN
Murray S., TX
Lila K., TX
Clint Z., WI
Angelo A., UT
Jon B., FL
Rebecca B., KY
David M., TN
Bruce K., TX
Steve S., CO
Darren W., WA
Karen C., FL
Kirk P., TX
George W., TX
Larry A., TX
Ronald R., WA
Cecil B., PA
Michael A., IL
Gary E., IN
James P., VA
Gary M., CA
Chris C., IL
Donald K., PA
Leonard M., RI
Jeremy R., IA
Marlon H., GA
Joseph D., TX
Jared C., WA
Ryan M., CA
Ed N., AZ
Mark D., AZ
Kevin A., FL
Franklin S., CA
Jorge I., FL
Michael M., GA
Linda K., WI
William W., SC
Henry L., MN
Jodie M., CA
Al M., OH
Joe C., FL
Arnold G., WY
Richard S., VA
Ronald N., AZ
Gary B., OH
Ken R., MN
Neil M., WI
Mark A., TX
Jaime A., WA
Angelo A., UT
Jerry N. S., TX
Gerald K., IA
Kelly W., WA
James L., MO
Mark S., NH
Bruce G., NC
Kimberly B., OH
Tim A., MO
Richard B., KS
William S., NC
Paige P., MI
Patrick R., OH
David F., MS
Ronald T., MI
Mike M., MI
Michael H., MI
Bertrand C., ME
Rich D., WI
Nakia J., AZ
Freddy R., IL
Blane K., MO
Christopher S., WA
Eric C., WA
Robert W., WA
Robert H., IL
Alan F., AL
Bruce C., MN
John H., VA
Dewayne E., IN
Michael M., VA
James A., KY
Darren H., MI
Dan S., AZ
Randall B., AR
Michael C., MA
Terry H., NM
Sam G., IL
Patrick P., TX
Matthew P., FL
James G., ME
Dennis M., NJ
Darrin K., NV
Scott H., CA
Albert A., CA
Logan D., IL
Randy S., FL
Chad H., FL
Richard F., LA
Joel R., OH
Bradley D., MN
Luke G., VA
Brian H., MI
Richard B., MT
Dave M., GA
Jeffrey P., WI
Whitney B., FL
Brian G., TX
Lester H., TN
John C., NM
Andrew H., DC
Mark W., KY
John O., NM
Ryan W., CA
Wade W., KS
Michael H., IN
Andy W., CA
John B., PA
James H., WI
Sam T., MN
Jimmy F., KY
George L., IL
Daniel A., CA
Christopher M., FL
Tom L., AZ
Michael C., PA
Aron M., OH
Mary Ann O., WI
Fred B., NC
Ron H., MT
Jason B., KY
Jeff G., FL
Georg K., AZ
David H., MN
Bret B., MO
Dustin C., GA
David N., WI
Jeffery B., NC
Anthony F., IA
Patrice L., SC
Regina T., OH
Jerome D., WA
Thomas S., MI
David K., AZ
Chris C., KY
Thomas C., NY
Douglas H., OH
Glenn W., GA
Trevor C., MI
Thomas R., VA
Thomas P., NC
Robert P., TX
Donald P., PA
Ryan L., TX
Francis F., OH
Kenneth D., VA
Jason O., GA
Stephen S., AZ
Jason G., AL
Yousi S., GA
James B., HI
Misty M., WY
Vernon B., FL
Mario R., NY
Terra K., TX
Gordon J., OR
Lee C., ME
Jim H., CO
James T., WA
Victor P., FL
Lawrence K., IN
Aubrey W., IL
Matthew M., MI
Theodore P., SD
Todd W., VA
Jason K., PA
Roger Z., FL
Howard F., CA
George E., ND
Jerry B., TX
Richard D., IN
Jansen V., AK
Larry D., OH
Craig S., UT
James B., FL
Jimmy J., AL
Robert G., OH
Joseph G., IA
Lisa B., FL
James L., GA
Lance B., MI
Randall R., AZ
Megan S., CO
Jeff C., TN
Jim B., PA
Terry N., ID
Gerald C., GA
Kenneth S., OH
Michael D., ME
Jesse W., WI
Alan R., CA
William T., MO
Al B., AZ
Kevin A., FL
Paul B., TX
Michael C., MO
Don S., TX
Jim P., WI
Scott M., SC
Graham J., NC
Raymond P., LA
Aaron C., NE
Victor G., TX
Tom W., CT
Kathleen N., WI
Sinclair W., VA
John B., VA
Chris P., IL
Eric S., OK
Angela R., TX
Tiffiney G., SC
Barbara S., OH
John M., NJ
Thomas M., VA
John T., WA
Damian F., WI
Bradley W., AR
Robert W., VT
Cameron E., FL
Richard P., SC
Dennis D., IL
Lucas D., TX
Paul J., MI
Daniel P., CO
Todd N., IN
David R., NC
James Z., WI
Ronald G., TX
Fernando P., CA
Erik S., GA
Gerrit W., WA
Riley B., CO
Wayne R., IA
Michael W., NC
Richard R., MI
Charles H., CA
Christopher B., CA
Roger B., TX
Sam J., AZ
Richard D., IL
Vernon A., OH
David L., GA
James A., MO
Larry B., FL
Gigi S., KS
Kevin F., NC
Randy M., NM
Alan J., KS
Lawrence A., TX
Chris B., WA
Nicholas E., TX
Daniel A., NJ
Andrew S., WA
Jim H., CA
Mason T., AL
Rus B., CA
Kimberly S., KY
Mark G., PA
Jamie J., MN
Jay W., CT
Ernesto A., CA
Bruce L., TX
Lloyd M., SC
Bryen B., OR
Micah Y., PA
Kelly M., SC
Frank W C., FL
Tim S., FL
Gregory M., MI
Frank S., IA
Ken G., MI
Patrick T., KS
Jim F., PA
Chris D., MD
John A., UT
Steven S., WI
Leon B., MD
Gerald M., FL
Chris G., OH
Richard S., FL
Dennis R., TX
Greg H., MI
Steven Z., MI
Dustin R., TX
Frank D., NJ
Daniel S., WI
Dale W., WI
Timothy R., AL
Russell S., MO
Richard Y., CA
Edward S., PA
Gary W., MI
Michael H., OH
Michael C., FL
Rex G., LA
Darylle M., FL
Dale W., CT
Kenneth W., PA
Robert H., TX
Katherine B., CA
Michael S., IL
Thomas F., NE
Bertie A., TX
Paul P., AZ
David L., MS
Gary H., FL
William W., NC
Kevin M., MO
Doug F., OH
Richard T., WA
Brian O., AZ
Stephen E., KY
Roderick V., TX
Ronald K., GA
Roald H., MN
Tyler S., AL
Ray B., NC
Ryan S., IL
Don Y., IN
Lon C., OR
Eric H., MI
Martin S., TX
Francisco A., NC
Gary D., PA
Moises P., CT
Bob V., LA
Gerald A., IN
Howard B., ID
Frank P., OH
Donna S., IL
Jeremy V., TX
Christopher A., TX
Aaron D., VA
John D., WA
Adam R., MI
Mark L., NC
David D., FL
John S., UT
Bruce B., GA
Greg A., FL
Lisa C., WA
Bill H., AR
Joshua W., VA
Carlton H., TX
Brad P., MS
Ricki M., FL
Steve C., CA
Jerry G., UT
Evan G., TN
Violet N., GA
Darrell S., KS
John K., IL
Kelly B., IN
Larry T., TX
Larry R., TX
Rodger M., GA
Zane H., SD
Nick O., KY
Mike D., OH
Mott D., MI
Greg B., OK
Philip S., NC
Robert B., TX
Joe A., PA
Andrew C., VA
Robert V., TX
Cliff M., TX
Leon F., NY
Vincent P., MI
Anton K., IL
Paul L., MI
Tom W., ME
Jason F., AR
Todd M., TX
David S., WA
Joshua W., TN
David L., WI
Ryan H., WI
John N., MD
Taylor S., NY
Bruce M., IN
Marvin D., IL
William L., WI
Glenn N., TN
Maryanne S., RI
Robert F., NC
Marco F., TX
Adam F., IN
Istvan B., UT
Robert L., AZ
Steve E., ID
James B., KS
Stacey F., OK
Douglas P., NY
Gerry S., CO
Kenneth T., CA
Michael C., TX
Bob N., ID
Ronald Y., FL
Joshua C., NC
Craig S., VA
Brandon B., OH
Thomas P., ID
Michael W., CT
James P., CA
Bester T., AL
Robin B., WA
Roby M., TX
Mark B., WI
Lynn B., IN
Bradley V., MI
Chris B., WA
Nevin O., OR
Diana N., SC
Charles L., MO
John K., GA
Charles S., TN
John N., NC
Michael B., VA
Bobby R., TN
Daniel D., OR
Kenneth B., MN
Gary S., FL
Brad H., AZ
Terry H., FL
Heath R., TX
Brian D., FL
James R., PA
Charles G., CA
Gerald H., NV
Mark K., KS
Marvin S., CO
Thomas H., VA
Tim L., UT
Eric S., OH
Joseph L., MO
Kevin V., IN
Doug P., FL
Richard H., MS
John R., NC
William S., IL
Troy B., MN
Steven S., MT
Gary P., NY
Bruce G., AZ
Nick O., KY
Charles C., GA
Mike S., IN
Michael B., CO
Tony A., TN
Michael H., WA
Garry E., KS
Jason R., IL
David P., CA
Joe F., FL
Richard S., RI
Mott D., MI
Diane K., SC
Robert K., IL
William K., WA
Zak F., MO
Christopher C., SC
Carlos L., LA
Daniel K., MN
Ricky H., TX
Matt S., PA
Tom P., WV
Daniel O., FL
Steven P., MN
Edwin R., NY
Harvey P., AZ
Darryl R., NC
Douglas D., TN
Ricardo M., FL
Raymond C., OR
Donald O., UT
Michael P., WV
Peter C., MI
Derrick W., MO
Eric R., KS
Tom O., AZ
Doug M., CO
David D., TN
Corbin Y., NV
Kay W., TX
Lyle M., FL
James R., SD
Jack W., MI
David S., ID
Miguel E., MO
Henry K., NC
Thomas P., TX
Mark A., KS
Andrea M L., IL
Pamela B., OR
Collin D., GA
Cathy P., MA
Dave F., NC
Steven K., CO
Brad B., CA
Lisa G., NY
Lloyd P., FL
Graciano S., TX
Paul T., OH
Michael L., ID
Joseph H., WI
Kent R., WI
James P., TX
Ricardo G., AL
Kristal S., CA
William W., MO
Benjamin d., PA
Stephen S., VA
Jorge L., IL
Mark P., AZ
Brad B., NH
Kyle B., AR
Andrew H., FL
James Brent F., TX
Steven B L., OK
William M., AR
Jan J., UT
Richard W., CA
Bruce M., MS
Blake H., NE
Albert A., CA
David C., UT
Peter M., UT
Randy O., MO
Jordan F., IL
Sharon R., AL
Graling M., TX
Edwin G., OK
John C., TX
Kevin C., CA
Kip G., CO
Theodore O., FL
Pauline T., WA
Freddie R., FL
Stanley M., OK
Joseph C., VA
Richard J., MO
Mayne S., IN
Robert P., NV
Kathy M., WI
Roland B., OH
Christopher L., FL
Christopher B., WI
Donald H., IL
Ruthe B., PA
Daniel G V., FL
James S., TX
Lorraine D., TX
Russel L., MI
Harlan H., FL
Stephen L., TN
Daniel G P., VT
Dennis K., LA
Larry R., MO
Christine M., TX
Greg H., CO
Donald H., TX
Christina G., IL
Jesse E., TN
James R., IL
David G., VA
Kevin M., KY
David K., WI
Zak A., UT
Donald C., MO
Teresa H., FL
Thomas E., OH
Gary M., NM
Richard C., TX
Leroy S., NY
Mark S., KY
Robert S., CA
Jim S., TX
Joe C., DE
Rita L., CA
Ed D., PA
Joe Z., OR
Thomas E., OH
Donagene P., OH
Angelo C., CA
Kenneth G., CA
Gordon H., TN
Matt C., VA
William S., MD
Scott W., PA
Kenneth S., FL
Scott A., MI
Dale D., MN
Gregory A., FL
Robert J., MD
Tim W., PA
Charles P., MI
Chris C., KS
Louis S M., SC
Michael R., GA
Jillian B., FL
Erik B., WI
Alex C., SC
John H., TX
Christopher B., DE
Jerald M., NC
Greg L., MI
Alex P., OR
Gary D., CA
Mike F., IA
Joy M., PA
Patrick B., IN
William W., TX
Walter N., NC
Douglas D., CA
David M., SC
Marv S., WA
Michael W., CA
Steve R., AZ
Royce M., AK
Kanin W., TN
Bruce H., NV
Bryan L., MS
James P S., VA
Don O., SC
Gavin W., ID
Stuart T. M., AL
Adrian b., IN
Orlando L., KS
Thomas L., FL
Merritt N., WI
Kevin W., TX
David L., IL
Mike P., UT
Kurt K., IA
Rex B., IN
Kevin M., MN
Richard B., FL
Scott R., IL
Charlotte G., FL
Robert G., IL
Teresa G., NC
James H., MI
Stephen E., KY
Robert D., AL
Adam C., IN
David W., NC
Larry B., OH
Kristopher M., FL
Kelly M., SC
Doug V., CO
Steve A., IL
Matthew H., MN
Will G., VT
Scott L., OH
Doyle M., NC
Gary S., WI
Jimmy A., OH
Ron W., IL
Susan W., NV
Daniel H., AK
Robert S., OR
David K., GA
Gene M., KS
Thad H., CA
Emily S., OH
Chris B., MO
Donald Y., WA
Evan M., TN
Scott W., PA
Andrew J., PA
Ronald S., OH
Jerri L., WI
Kathy M., WI
Chris T., WA
Lloyd L., OK
Dave W., SC
Dennis P., OH
Terry A., WA
Timothy S., NC
Larry L., OH
Brandon S., OK
Chad K., MI
Carl W., MS
Cody C., NC
Timothy R., PA
Wayne K., NC
Brian S., MI
John S., MO
Nick C., OH
Bryan K., AK
Don M., IA
Paul H., AR
Shane M., MN
Kevin K., IN
John H B., WI
George G., IN
Ernie E., TX
Michael L S., KS
George W., IA
James W G., TX
Thomas R., WI
Carlos L., FL
Chuck G., IN
Tyler H., VA
Stacey H., AL
Timothy P., MI
Douglas J Z., IA
Daniel K., MN
Megan W., WI
Christopher B., RI
Lionel R., CT
John T., MN
Perry W., AL
Steven M., SC
Edward S., OK
Doug C., KS
Kimberely S., WA
Richard B., AZ
Don D., SC
David S., GA
Jay K., TX
Caeser G., AZ
Paul R M., OH
Henry M., AL
Scott A., MI
John T., TX
Arleen G., CA
Will O., TX
Keith M., NC
Mike N., WI
David H., IL
Glenn N., TN
Paul W., OR
Stacy H., OR
Ray H., KS
Martin H., TX
Richard C., IN
Claude L., MI
David S., OH
Steve B., NC
Robert G., VA
Pierre B., AZ
Jarod W., MO
David W., TX
Scott P., AR
Ron M., IA
Charles B., FL
David C., TX
Larry H., AR
Donald W., FL
Matthew Z., MN
John N., PA
Dennis D., MI
John B., WI
John D., GA
Stephen S., FL
John M., FL
Scott S., UT
Mike D., WA
Nathanael B., MI
Bill S., NC
Timothy B., WI
Ken O., IN
Bill J., SC
Carol G., OH
Robert H., IL
Al H., LA
Doug V., CO
Phillip L., MI
Ryan J., GA
John B., PA
Roxanne J., NV
Douglas B., WA
Manus C., VA
Mark J., NV
Brian D., MI
Larry F., FL
Dallas M., OH
Adam C., TN
Jay H., OR
Diana N., SC
Matt M., NM
Jim W., IN
Christopher W., MI
Ricardo T., NC
Howard P., TN
Lester L., IL
Don A., WA
Timothy P., TN
William C., FL
John F., PA
Steven H., NY
Frederick J., FL
Richard M., OH
Ana Liza L., TX
Carroll W., CA
Mario V., TX
Aaron S., FL
Bob M., CA
Jeffrey S., OH
Ron R., KY
Steven H., NY
Brad S., KS
Robert E., FL
Mac M., ND
Chris K., OH
Paul M., IN
Mark P., NC
Brad H., Ohio
Robert S., TN
Bruce E., MI
Clayton E., AR
Jeffery S., OH
Troy S., ID
Steven C., FL
Michael B., MS
Tyler H., PA
James Mark M., TX
Nickolas R., FL
Thomas F., OH
Mark H., MI
Steven M., CT
Orrin L., TX
Michael T., TX
Sharon R., AL
Ron J., NC
Alan W., TX
Zachariah D., TX
Geof L., TX
Howard V., NV
Warren F., NV
John A., SC
Bethel C., TN
Ralph M., OH
Mike M., MN
Michael D., FL
Daniel W., TN
Jack R., OH
Roy R., IA
Keith W., KS
Jamison G., WI
Johnny S., CA
Kenneth T., NY
Robert P., AZ
Louise P., VA
Scott W., NV
Don C., FL
William T., TX
Pete B., GA
Charles M., AL
Michael M., TN
Dennis J., AR
Robert C., FL
Dale P., MA
Matt S., UT
Matthew C., VA
Amy J., TX
Rhonda M., NC
Guy B., FL
Arthur H., NJ
Christopher M., OK
Michael B., ME
Bill M., AZ
Joshua S., NV
Richard H., IA
Yvette G., CA
Sam V., NY
Joe L., VA
Nathan G., OH
Jose R., FL
Robert W., TX
Jim H., CO
Nancy M., MO
Mark A., NC
Bill R., FL
Alden C., PA
William G., ME
James S., PA
Michael W., PA
Jered H., IL
Devon J., IL
Wayne M., OH
Fred S., TX
Brett S., UT
Jamal H., HI
Dylan S., CO
Nicholas H., PA
William C., TN
Keith S., OH
Debbie T., LA
Rebecca M., TX
Rodney H., TN
Charles C., GA
Garry M S., FL
Zachary M., WI
Daniel W., KS
Shanika W., LA
Patricia D., WA
Nancy T., AZ
Jim G., OH
Tammy A., FL
John R., NV
Thomas W., MO
Ronnie B., MN
Paul S., FL
Nicholas K., NM
Crystal T., Canada
James C., OR
Luke K., CA
Mark K., CA
Glenn M., VA
James P., NC
Lawrence H., VA
Timothy F., NJ
Kelly S., MI
Lee B., MA
Scott D., MI
Zalman F., FL
Jacob S., LA
James B., MN
Floyd H., MO
Scott H., IA
Daniel S., ID
Beverly S., WI
Richard C., VA
Edward L., SC
Kyle A., GA
Robert K., TX
Michael C., CA
William R., MT
Alan P., FL
John H., TX
Michael V., FL
Richard C., FL
Jennifer Y., ID
David K., CA
Michael V., MS
William L., FL
Michael M., FL
Matthew B., IL
Wayne T., WI
Donald L., FL
Richard P., MN
David S., PA
James P., FL
Huey K., FL
Robert C., TN
James C., CT
John H., TX
Warren N., IN
James H., TN
Chuck Z., WI
Jose M., OH
Jamie D., NC
Greg B., NC
Amanda T., AR
Dan R., FL
John S., CA
Gregory H., WA
Frederick A., PA
Dustin H., IN
Brendon M., IA
Jason Q., CA
Patrick P., MI
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Patrick B., PA
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Robert G., TX
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Zach H., MO
Curtis C., MA
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Buzz R., TX
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Phillip M., MO
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Ronnie M., MI
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leon c., ME
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