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Transform your phone into a powerful everyday carry essential when you download the free USCCA Concealed Carry App. Discover the self-defense education and firearm training you need - right at your fingertips - to carry confidently and responsibly.

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Here's Everything You'll Enjoy When You Download the USCCA App Today...

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  • • Reveal the in-depth concealed carry laws of every state
  • • Discover which states will honor your permit - and which don't
  • • Receive instant alerts when crossing state borders - a USCCA Member exclusive

Concealed Carry Magazine

USCCA Member Exclusive
  • • Sharpen your skills with practical training and drills
  • • Save time and money with unbiased gun and gear reviews
  • • Stay on top of new gun laws and legislature

Other USCCA App Features

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Get real-time updates on USCCA news, training videos, blog, and more.

USCCA Glossary

Test your knowledge with a comprehensive A-Z glossary of gun terms.

Member Benefits

Access exclusive USCCA Member benefits, discounts, deals, and training.



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