True Stories

Get inspired by true stories of armed self-defense and other real-life incidents involving the use of firearms. Plus, stay abreast of firearms-related news and events across the country and around the world.

How I Became the ‘Black Man With a Gun’

Kenn Blanchard — February 26, 2020

In 1992, my life changed when I testified to the Virginia House of Delegates on changing the concealed carry laws… Read More

Rose Above: Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Felony Charges and Years of Court Battles

Rick Sapp — February 26, 2020

The first time I spoke with Jonathan Rose, he was about to fly to Switzerland for vacation. He needed it,… Read More

Community Confessions: Newbie Mistakes

USCCA — February 20, 2020

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reportedly said, “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from mistakes.” We asked our USCCA… Read More

A Look Back: Presidents and Guns

Frank Jastrzembski — February 17, 2020

We’ve all heard various interpretations of the Founding Fathers’ views on the Second Amendment. But what about succeeding presidents’ thoughts… Read More

Armed for Good: Giving Back to Our Communities of Faith

USCCA — February 10, 2020

During religious services on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, a man clad in black with a shotgun hidden under his coat… Read More

What Is a USCCA Membership?

USCCA — January 30, 2020

The USCCA is a membership organization that provides the most comprehensive self-defense education, training and legal… Read More