Unexpected Charge: Idaho Man Kills Onrushing Moose

A Terreton man found a moose in his yard. When the man tried to move the moose on his way, the moose charged the man, forcing him to shoot it in self-defense. Investigating authorities determined the shooting was indeed self-defense and did not charge the man.

State Fish & Game Department, Idaho


Georgia Robber Stopped by Armed Customers

An Ellijay convenience store was the scene of an attempted armed robbery by a man using women’s underwear for a mask. On entering the store at about 6:30 one evening, the would-be robber pointed a pistol at the clerk. An armed customer intervened in the robbery and tried to hold the robber at gunpoint. Another customer went outside to retrieve his gun from his car and returned to aid the first customer. When the robber attempted to leave the store, a third armed customer who had been pumping gas outside met him. The three armed customers worked to disarm the robber and hold him for police, who had to shoot the suspect with a Taser when he refused to obey police commands. Meanwhile, the suspect’s wife had been sitting in their car in the parking lot, awaiting her husband’s return. She was also arrested.

The Miami Herald, Florida


California Man Defends Against Ax Attack

A Merced County man noticed a truck stuck in the mud on his property and attempted to help the driver free his vehicle. The truck driver became agitated, grabbed an ax from his truck and attacked the property owner. Fortunately, the intended victim was armed and shot the attacker in self-defense, wounding the assailant and ending the incident.

Sun-Star, Merced, California


Nevada Homeowner Thwarts Home Invasion

A Pahrump man was at home one evening when an unknown male invaded his residence. The homeowner took up a gun and shot the invader as he attempted to enter a bedroom, critically injuring him. Responding police arrested the intruder for several charges, including home invasion, grand larceny of a firearm, burglary and prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

2News.com, Nevada


Woman Fights Back Against Violent Husband

A Roswell woman got into an argument with her husband and left the home to spend the night in a business the couple owned. In the morning, the husband encountered the wife at the business and beat her, threatening to kill her. The woman then shot her husband multiple times in self-defense. Police have no plans to arrest the wife, though the case will be reviewed by the local district attorney.

Daily Record, Roswell, New Mexico


California Store Clerk Holds Attacker for Police

A Highland clerk was in his store when a man tried to steal a beer. When the clerk tried to stop him, the thief stabbed the clerk in the neck with a large knife. The clerk, though wounded, was able to grab a gun and stop the assailant, holding him for police.

Herald News, Fontana, California


Iowa Mother Protects Child From Kidnappers

A Des Moines apartment manager noticed a couple walking back and forth slowly in front of her apartment complex. With her daughter in tow, the manager opened the door and asked the couple if there was a problem. One of them grabbed the daughter and tried to leave with her, but the mother was armed. She drew her legally carried gun and demanded the couple release her child, which they did. Police were still investigating the incident at press time.

WHO-TV Channel 13, Des Moines, Iowa


Texas Man Defends Against Home Invasion

A San Antonio man was home at about 7:30 one morning when a stranger kicked down his bolted apartment front door. The startled resident took up a gun and shot the intruder, fatally wounding him and ending the attack. Police determined the resident fired in self-defense.

KSAT-TV Channel 12, San Antonio, Texas


Alabama Citizen Fights Off Armed Robber

An Andalusia man was sitting in his car outside his home when an armed and masked man approached and tried to rob him. Rather than comply, the intended victim drew his own pistol and fired on the robber, wounding him and causing him to flee. The robber was later arrested when he sought treatment for his non-lethal gunshot wound.

Star News, Andalusia, Alabama


South Carolina Man Shoots Intruder Who Threatened to Kill

A Fort Hill man had to shoot the father of his sister’s children after the father broke into the home and threatened to kill the children. The assailant climbed through a window to gain entry to the home, then assaulted the children and the homeowner. That’s when the homeowner grabbed his pistol and shot the intruder several times, seriously injuring him and driving him off. The suspect was apprehended when he sought attention for his wounds at a nearby hospital.

FortMillSun.com, South Carolina


Armed New York Citizen Stops Knife Attack

Two employees of an Applebee’s restaurant in Utica suffered knife injuries from a patron who got unruly, grabbed a steak knife from behind a counter and attacked them. The incident was stopped by a legally armed patron who confronted the attacker, forcing him to give up his knife and get down on the ground. The citizen then held the assailant at gunpoint until police arrived.

Syracuse.com, New York