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When was the last time you sat around chatting about gun stuff? Are you looking for a place to discuss just about anything related to carrying a concealed weapon? Well, have we got a deal for you! Join the USCCA Community, absolutely free, by going to It’s just that simple — like a modern-day hunting lodge where you get to hear all kinds of great stories, opinions and interesting facts.

We have places for you to chat about hundreds of topics ranging from “Confessions of a Concealed Carry Newbie” to “Building an AR-15 Within Legal Limits.” You are welcome to join the conversation, teach others, learn from others and interact with like-minded people from all over the country. There is just one rule: Be nice. Actually, there are more rules, but you will learn them as you go. Join the USCCA Community today. I’ll see you there.

Interact in Real-Time

You never know who you will meet when you join the USCCA Community. I have been “encouraged” by my superiors to “engage regularly” with the members of the community. We have a good time. It is a place where I can let my true sense of humor really shine. Go take a look.

*I’ll be LIVE in the USCCA Community on Friday, July 26, for an “Ask Me Anything.” Go get your account set up if you haven’t already! Then use this link to submit your questions any time after 2 p.m. Central on Thursday, July 25. I’ll answer as many as I can LIVE on Friday.


About Kevin Michalowski

Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine Kevin Michalowski is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer. He has attended training as both instructor and student in multiple disciplines, including pistol, rifle, shotgun, empty-hand defense and rapid response to the active shooter. Kevin is also a fully certified part-time law enforcement officer in rural Wisconsin.

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