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You have just finished your CCW course and are ready to start carrying. Now what? Continuing your education and training is an essential part of your self-defense journey. That is why we have provided you with valuable content from professionals to make sure your transition is easy and you are carrying intelligently, legally and safely.

Uncle Ed’s DIY Roundup: Winter Projects for Gun Owners

Ed Combs —January 18, 2021

We cover some pretty weighty topics in Concealed Carry Magazine. Severe, even. There really isn’t any way around it: Armed… Read More

Which States Issued the Most Permits in 2020?

USCCA —January 10, 2021

As the popularity of concealed carry and responsible gun ownership rise across the country, you may be… Read More

Riding It Out: Ammo Shortages, SHOT Show and Scrambling to Shoot

Ed Combs —January 7, 2021

Some of you may have noticed that everything’s gotten a little weird in the firearms world over the last 9… Read More

Ted Nugent Interview

USCCA —January 6, 2021

Concealed Carry Magazine‘s own Kevin Michalowski held an exclusive firearms-related interview with legendary Motor City rocker Ted Nugent. Join us… Read More

Ask Ed: Concealed Carry FAQs — December 2020

Ed Combs —December 28, 2020

NOTE: USCCA Customer Engagement team members get a lot of questions, and they pass a good number of them along… Read More

2020 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year?

Beth Alcazar —December 26, 2020

I remember enjoying so many wonderful books as a child. One that stood out as a “top 10” for a… Read More

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