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You have just finished your CCW course and are ready to start carrying. Now what? Continuing your education and training is an essential part of your self-defense journey. That is why we have provided you with valuable content from professionals to make sure your transition is easy and you are carrying intelligently, legally and safely.

A black Glock 19 semi-auto pistol resting on its side with its muzzle peeking out of a PHLster Glock Classic Holster made for AIWB carry.

Which Concealed Carry Position Should I Use?

Note: What kind of HOLSTER do you use? The best carry position in the world won’t matter if your holster is wrong! Read the USCCA FREE Gun Holster Guide to find out more. If you want to start an all-out brawl on social media, talk about appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) carryAppendix Carry (AIWB) means to carry […]

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