Be prepared with a variety of concealed carry and firearms tips and tactics that can help keep you and your family safe both inside and outside of your home. Find helpful articles and videos, including the Into the Fray training series, that cover everything from situational awareness and conflict avoidance to cover vs. concealment and the use of force in a critical encounter.

Protect Yourself Online: What Not to Share

Dawn Albrecht — March 30, 2020

There are numerous ways to protect your family — physically, emotionally, financially and, yes, even digitally. With the prevalence of… Read More

Lights & Sights for Night Fights: Practical Training for Pistol-Mounted Flashlights and Lasers

George Harris — March 25, 2020

Firearms instructors sometimes find themselves teaching controversial subjects, and it is always important to ensure the training session is relevant… Read More

Defend Yourself: Domestic Violence and Self-Defense

Kat Ainsworth — March 5, 2020

Domestic violence is a difficult topic for multiple reasons. It’s nearly impossible to comprehend how abuse affects a person mentally,… Read More

Stranded in Your Car This Winter? Here’s How to Survive…

Frank Jastrzembski — February 24, 2020

You’re on your way home from stuffing yourself at the in-laws’ house. The kids are dozing off in the back… Read More

Max Effort: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance

George Harris — February 19, 2020

Instructors and students alike enjoy learning new skills and techniques in their evolution with firearms. Unfortunately and inevitably, previously learned… Read More

Safety Guidelines for a First Date

USCCA — February 7, 2020

A first date is new and exciting. But it can also be scary — and we’re not just talking about… Read More