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Read no-holds-barred reviews of both personal- and home-defense firearms and stay up-to-date on the latest concealed carry gear offerings on the market. Discover everything you need to know to select the best, tried-and-true self-defense gear — from holsters, knives and ammunition to flashlights, first-aid kits and alternate weapons.

S&W Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Ported C.O.R.E.

Scott W. Wagner — May 29, 2020

The legendary Smith & Wesson Performance Center gives shooters the opportunity to own a gun with… Read More

Ask Ed: Concealed Carry FAQs – May 2020

Ed Combs — May 28, 2020

NOTE: USCCA Customer Engagement team members get a lot of questions, and they pass a good number of them along… Read More

Diamondback DB9 Single-Stack Micro 9mm +P Pistol

Scott W. Wagner — May 22, 2020

The American-made Diamondback DB9 is a competitively priced micro 9mm pistol based largely on the Glock… Read More

Choosing the Best Revolver for Self-Defense

Bob Campbell — May 18, 2020

There are several types of revolvers on the market today. Choosing between single-action and double-action is… Read More

SIG ROMEOZero 1x18mm Micro Reflex Sight Review

Kat Ainsworth — May 16, 2020

If there’s one trend experiencing steady growth, it’s red-dot love for carry guns. There was a time when red-dot users… Read More

Comparing the Past and Present: Hydra-Shok vs. Federal Premium

Scott W. Wagner — May 15, 2020

When my law enforcement career started back in 1980, it was still somewhat the “dark ages” of handgun ballistic science… Read More