More Than He Ordered: Pennsylvania Man Defends Himself Against Two Armed Robbers Outside Chinese Restaurant

Two armed men approached a Philadelphia man and announced a robbery as he was leaving a Chinese restaurant with his takeout order. The patron drew a revolver and fired, emptying his gun at the robbers and driving them off. Investigators found two shell cases at the scene, indicating the robbers fired at their victim at least twice. The defender was wounded in the ankle but is expected to make a full recovery. At the time the incident was reported, the police were searching hospitals for possible suspects with gunshot wounds.

WPVI-TV Channel 6, Philadelphia


Ohio Homeowner Scares Off Garage Bandit

A Madison Township man caught an intruder in his garage in the act of cutting his safe. When the homeowner displayed a firearm, the intruder fled the scene and was apprehended by police. The homeowner was unharmed.

WXIX-TV Channel 19, Cincinnati


North Carolina Man Fights Off Armed Robber

A Greenville man was accosted by an armed man who attempted to rob him at gunpoint. The victim drew his pistol and shot the robber, putting him to flight. The robber drove away with two other people, and police later arrested him when he sought treatment for his wound., Greenville, North Carolina


Florida Homeowner Shoots Hit-and-Run Perpetrator

A Miami man fled following a hit-and-run car accident that killed two young women. The suspect abandoned the car and entered a nearby residence to avoid police, where the homeowner shot him.

WFOR-TV Channel 4, Miami


Oklahoma Man Defends Niece From Ex-Boyfriend

A Tulsa woman was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend at home. During the assault, the woman’s uncle shot the assailant. The ex-boyfriend drove himself to his home, where his daughter found him bleeding and called 911. He survived the gunshot wound but was later arrested on domestic violence charges.

KOKH-TC, Channel 25, Oklahoma City


Kansas Homeowner Thwarts Intruder

Coming home one day at around 7 p.m., a Salinas resident found a stranger had illegally entered his home through the basement. Taking up a pistol, the homeowner fired on the intruder, driving him away. No one was harmed in the incident., Salinas, Kansas


Virginia Man Stops Gas Station Assault

A Blackstone man left a gas station when another man began shooting at him. The defender retrieved a pistol from his vehicle and returned fire, wounding the assailant. Breaking off the engagement, the attacker fled in a pickup truck, and police arrested him when he sought medical treatment for his wounds at a local hospital.

WWBT-TV Channel 12, Richmond, Virginia


Colorado Jeweler Stops Store Robbery

Six minutes after the store’s opening, an armed man entered a Glendale jewelry store, drew a gun and ordered employees to open the jewelry case. The store’s jeweler observed the robbery, drew his gun, approached the robber from behind and fatally shot him, stopping the crime. Police reported the robber was on parole after serving time for another robbery., Colorado


Nevada Homeowner Confronts Stranger

A Henderson man was checking on his recently deceased father’s residence when he encountered an unknown intruder. The son fatally shot the intruder, and investigating police said the defender will not be charged.

KVVU-TV Channel 5, Las Vegas


Store Owner Shoots Florida Robber On Crime Spree

A Jacksonville man entered a tire store at around 11:45 a.m. and robbed it at gunpoint. He then left the store and tried to carjack a vehicle in the parking lot, but the car didn’t work. The store’s owner, now armed, came out of his store. The robber pointed his gun at the store owner, but the armed store owner fired on the robber, hitting him in the lower body and putting him to flight. The police found the assailant in a nearby restaurant and transported him to a local hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. They arrested him on multiple charges after his release., Jacksonville


Texas Man Halts Trespasser

A Lubbock man was at home one evening when a woman opened his front door, entered and refused to leave. The homeowner took up a gun as a precaution and held the woman at gunpoint until the police arrived. The woman was disoriented and smelled strongly of alcohol, and the police arrested her for public intoxication., Lubbock, Texas


California Homeowner Defends Against Car Burglars

A Brentwood man discovered men trying to break into his vehicle in his driveway. When the man went to investigate with a gun, one of the suspects fired on him without effect. The homeowner returned fire, also without effect, but the gunfire drove the suspects away. No one was injured in the exchange of gunfire., California


Texas Shopper Stops Four Masked Men Robbing Customers

A shopper carrying a concealed handgun at a Houston convenience store opened fire on four masked men who were robbing customers at gunpoint. Three of the suspects were shot, but all four fled outside to a vehicle driven by a fifth suspect. The suspects drove to a nearby hospital, where one of the suspects was determined to be in critical condition and two more were found to be in stable condition. Four of the suspects are in police custody and one is still wanted, according to the Houston Police Department.

KTRK-TV ABC 13, Houston