What We Teach

USCCA Training Classes

The USCCA offers in-person classroom-style courses, range training, and in-depth online training that has been carefully developed by self-defense industry experts. These classes are open to both USCCA members and non-members, and are suitable for students of all experience levels.


Concealed Carry
& Home Defense Fundamentals

Learn what it means to be a responsible gun owner inside and outside of your home. In this 6-8 hour class (55 minutes to 2 hours for CCHDF mini-classes), you’ll discover effective and lawful self-defense involves much more than just owning a firearm.

This Class is For:

  • Those pursuing a concealed carry permit.
  • New firearm owners interested in the basics of ownership and safety.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own personal safety.

Defensive Shooting

If you’re seeking a hands-on learning experience that incorporates live-fire drills, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals is the class for you. One of the biggest benefits of DSF is that you’ll be setting a foundation to build your armed self-defense training from.

This Class is For:

  • All experience levels welcome.
  • Best suited to students who have previously shot a firearm.

Women’s Handgun &
Self-Defense Fundamentals

Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the firearms industry, and every year more and more females are actively seeking the best options to protect themselves and their loved ones. Created by women, for women, “Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals” is a welcoming and engaging training program with multiple layers of instruction.

This Class is For:

  • New to advanced female gun owners.
  • Any female wanting to improve their own personal safety.


Gain an understanding of the usefulness an AR-15 provides for civilian defense while receiving cutting-edge AR-15 training through in-person classroom learning and range training.

This Class is For:

  • All experience levels welcome.
  • Firearm owners interested in the basics of AR-15 ownership and safety.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own personal safety.

Emergency First Aid

Whether you’re preparing for the aftermath of a live emergency or adding to your existing skill set, Emergency First Aid Fundamentals (EFAF) will teach you how to properly assess an injured patient and quickly administer the critical care they need.

This Class is For:

  • All experience levels welcome.

Countering the
Mass Shooter Threat

All of us are exposed to the public at some point. Whether you’re a student, office worker, churchgoer, or just going out for a night on the town, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario. In this course, you will learn how to get out of danger and to safety in the event of a mass shooting incident or active shooter.

This Class is For:

  • Anyone wanting to improve their own personal safety in public or large groups.

Instructor Certification

Take your firearm self-defense journey to the next level when you become a USCCA Certified Instructor! If you’re passionate about firearms and empowering others to stay safe, then this is an incredible opportunity that pays in more than just personal satisfaction.

This Class is For:

  • Strong communication skills
  • A background in firearms or self-defense (an Education background is a plus)
  • Demonstrable firearm competency
  • Motivation to run a training business
  • Willingness to be part of the USCCA’s mission to save lives

Children’s Firearm Safety Fundamentals

NEW! Discover how to talk to Parents and kids about firearms and gun safety. From how to properly store, handle, and use their firearm to teaching their children about firearms safety. Let’s work together and reduce firearm-related incidents.

This Class is For:

  • Parents who have recently purchased a firearm
  • Families who want to learn more about safety
  • New and experienced firearm owners interested in talking to their kids about firearm safety and use