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Christmas Means…


Well … it’s Christmas Day today. Since my blog post doesn’t always come out on the exact holiday, I’m using this special occasion to share something a little bit different.

During this time of year, we love to celebrate faith and family, and perhaps a little gift-giving (and receiving). While I certainly am not attempting to take the “Christ” out of “Christmas,” this feels like a fun opportunity to look at what CHRISTMAS might mean to the responsible gun owner.

“C” is for competing.

A shooting match may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, but many gun owners love the thrill and the challenge of a good International Defensive Pistol Association, United States Practical Shooting Association, Steel Challenge, Cowboy Action or 3-Gun Nation match.

“H” is for hunting.

It has been part of our American heritage for centuries, and hunting remains an activity that many people enjoy, whether going solo, in groups or with family and friends.

“R” is for reloading.

Those shiny brass cases glistening on the ground are very attractive to those who reload ammunition. It can sometimes be time-consuming, but reloading is also money-saving. Many people enjoy pulling the handle and watching new rounds come to life right before their eyes.

“I” is for instructing.

Some firearms folks are certified instructors; others just teach for fun. But there is a lot of significance and importance to teaching people how to be safe and responsible with guns.

“S” is for shooting.

No matter what reason you have for owning guns — from collecting to protecting —your firearms are designed to shoot. So go launch some projectiles! Challenge your skills. It’s OK to enjoy a little pew-pew time!

“T” is for training.

For gun owners and for all those who choose to have firearms for home protection and self-defense, the learning never stops. Training is something that should appear on our calendars at regular intervals, all throughout the year. After all, using a firearm proficiently is a skill that will deteriorate if not used or practiced.

“M” is for maintaining.

Guns need to be cleaned and cared for, and responsible gun owners know this all too well. Whether you’re scrubbing with cotton swabs and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease or you’re enjoying the ease of a technologically marvelous ultrasonic cleaner, a well-maintained gun equals a happy gun … and a happy gun owner.

“A” is for advocating.

Our Second Amendment right is too often targeted and attacked by those who are anti-gun. If we sit idly and watch, or if we become apathetic and complacent, that right to protecting ourselves and the ones we love could continue to be chipped away. We need to use our voices and our votes to make a difference.

“S” is for sharing.

Responsibly armed Americans shouldn’t be stingy, especially during the season of giving! The respect for — and appreciation of — firearms, safety, shooting activities and training is something that should be shared with others, often and wholeheartedly.

Have a safe and merry Christmas, everyone!

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