Does your briefcase stop bullets? Does it put your gun right where you need it in a hurry? The PDG Slingshot Armor Carrier is a bulletproof messenger bag that will carry your laptop and your office supplies … AND stop bullets! It will also present your pistol in an instant firing grip and keep two spare magazines handy.

Sold by a company called Pantac USA, the Slingshot has a main compartment of 13 x 11 x 4 inches, a felt-lined laptop pocket that will hold most 13-inch laptops, and a Level IIIA soft armor plate that will stop up to .44 Magnum rounds.

The bag is worn over the shoulder, messenger-style and pulled tightly into place, putting the ballistic barrier over your vitals. A secured pocket on the front then gives you instant access to your pistol. There is also room inside for a pair of spare magazines. As off-body-carry options go, this one shows real benefits that overcome the typical downsides of carrying a gun in a briefcase. The gun is completely hidden but also very easily accessible. The spare magazines are in the right place for easy access (without moving the ballistic shield from in front of your vitals). The bag retails for $199 ($379 pre-bundled with a DKX IIIA soft armor plate) and provides a true Plan B when things go sideways.


Everyday carry of everything you need. The Slingshot Armor Carrier is all business, even if your day takes a dangerous turn. It is a mobile office and a defensive platform that provides offensive capabilities as well.

Pantac USA

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