Carrying a concealed handgun is a significantly subjective matter. Sure, there are objective realities, such as the reliability and quality of a gun or holster and the consistency of the ammunition. But a lot of what goes into selecting a gun and holster combo is personal preference. Assuming you are choosing a reliable, accurate gun and a well-made carry holster, you can get into wildly variable preferences in caliber, action, on-body carry location and so on. Sometimes I write about a gun, and sometimes I write about a holster. Once in a while, I mention a gun and a holster. And one of my favorite gun and holster combos is the SIG Sauer/DeSantis rig you see here.

The SIG Sauer P238 Spartan is a single-action-only .380 pistol worthy of pocket carry. A gun’s height is a key metric for pocket carry. At 3.9 inches high, this particular gun can navigate many styles and types of pockets and be deftly drawn and deployed. This P238 sports a Spartan helmet on the stocks, the “Molon Labe” inscription on the frame and a fantastic oil-rubbed, bronze PVD finish. Functionally, the P238 is all SIG. It is smooth, sure and reliable, no matter what. I would not normally pick a single-action-only gun for a pocket pistol, but the P238’s well-placed controls and smooth, accurate shooting have won me over. Weighing 20.1 ounces and sporting a 2.7-inch barrel, the P238 is not burdensome to carry or shoot. It is amazingly accurate. You put rounds on target by aligning the three-dot SIGLITE Night Sights, thumbing the 1911-style manual safety and squeezing the short-stroke trigger. With seven rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber, I am well-equipped. The retail price is $1,013.

I carry the P238 in a DeSantis Nemesis, a holster make and model which I have used for pocket carrying other guns. The Nemesis has made a name for itself. It offers a very capable means of safe, ready-to-go pocket carry regardless of what gun you carry in it. (Just to be clear, there are different Nemesis holsters to fit different guns.) The outside of the Nemesis is very tacky and grippy. Once in your pocket, it will stay in place despite you moving around or drawing. The inside of the Nemesis is made from pack cloth, which protects your gun and allows for an easy draw. The Nemesis is thick and breaks up the outline of your gun. Its wide bottom provides a stable platform and lets you get a combat grip — right in your pocket. Retailing for $25.99, the Nemesis can work in a variety of pockets but excels in a cargo-style pocket with a flap.

This combo works very well for me. What gun and holster combo works well for you — particularly for pocket carry?