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Self-Defense SHIELD

  • What exactly is the Self-Defense SHIELD?

    The Self-Defense SHIELD is an member-only benefit, powered by the USCCA. It provides USCCA members with up-front funding and professional guidance in the instance they may have to act in self-defense or in defense of others. Different levels of USCCA membership provide different limits of Self-Defense SHIELD Coverage. See the chart below to see the limits of civil and criminal coverage by level of membership. To learn more about the coverage of Self-Defense SHIELD, please view the

    complete Coverage Form.

  • Who can be covered under the Self-Defense SHIELD?

    The Self-Defense SHIELD applies only if you can “legally possess” a firearm or other weapon of opportunity.

    Found in Section VI on page 28 of the Membership Resource Guide:

    "Legally possessed" means the insured, by operation of the applicable:

    a. Local;

    b. State;

    c. Federal; or

    d. Other jurisdictional law, is authorized to own or use the firearm. “Legally possessed” includes the use of a firearm regardless of any violation of a conceal carry or similar law.

  • Does Self-Defense SHIELD only cover the legal use of handguns? What about other weapons?

    The Self-Defense SHIELD covers the legal use of any weapon of opportunity. This means handguns, shotguns, or rifles, as well as other defensive tools like knives, tasers, bats, pepper spray or even your own two hands.

  • Does the Self-Defense SHIELD benefit cover all 50 states?

    Yes, the Self-Defense SHIELD covers USCCA members in all 50 states.

  • Does the Self-Defense SHIELD also cover members who are active duty law enforcement?

    The Self-Defense SHIELD does not cover while performing job duties required by an employer. It will cover for acts of self-defense off duty as well as residents of the household who are relatives, or those under 21 years of age in the care of the member.

  • Will my spouse be covered under my Self-Defense SHIELD membership, or will these only be individual memberships?

    The Self-Defense SHIELD has a convenient feature regarding families. Here’s how it works:

    1.) Outside of your residence, the SHIELD covers only you.

    2.) Inside your residence, the SHIELD covers you, your relatives, and any persons under the age of 21 that are in your care.

    The good news is, your spouse can get the same protection you know and trust for just a fraction of the price. You can take advantage of this discount anytime through your USCCA Member Dashboard, or by calling our Wisconsin-Based USCCA Team at 800-674-9779.

  • Will I be sharing my coverage with other members?

    No, you are not sharing your coverage with other members. All USCCA members are entitled to full coverage up to the limit of their membership. Additionally, you will be covered up to that limit per occurrence, where other products only cover up to that limit per year.

  • Can I use any attorney with the Self-Defense SHIELD?

    For criminal matters, Self-Defense SHIELD will provide funding for any attorney of your choice OR you can use one of the pro-2nd Amendment attorneys from the USCCA Law Network. Also, as part of our network we have dedicated attorneys that are available 24/7/365 in the event of a self-defense related incident.

    For civil matters, you will be provided an attorney.

  • Will the Self-Defense SHIELD provide an attorney for me?

    For criminal defense matters, members may use an attorney of their choice, or their case manager will assist them in connecting with one of the USCCA Law Network Attorneys in their area.

    For civil matters, you will be provided an attorney.

  • What will happen immediately after a self-defense incident?

    You are instructed to first call 911, then call the USCCA. Immediately upon notifying the USCCA of your self-defense incident, you'll be connected with a USCCA Critical Response Team Manager.

    A self-defense encounter is fast, dynamic, and stressful. You will most likely experience loss of dexterity, tunnel vision, memory loss, and auditory exclusion. We highly recommend you keep your membership card on your person at all times so that you can easily follow the instructions on the back. This will help the 911 operator understand that you were the victim of a crime, as well as prevent you from saying anything that could potentially be incriminating. Request both police and an ambulance.

    It's important that you prepare for Police arrival. From their perspective, they will not know who the attacker is or who the defender was. The Police want to quickly stabilize the scene. They may order you to the ground, handcuff you, search you, and then place you in the backseat of a Police car. If the attack has stopped, and it is safe to do so, it is best to re-holster your firearm prior to Police arrival. If you feel it is necessary to keep your firearm out for protection, quickly follow any and all Police orders and do not make any sudden moves!

    Your Critical Response Team Manager, who will be available to you any time of day, will be your direct point of contact for the minutes, days, weeks, and months following your incident. You’ll have member-only access to funding for psychological counseling, if needed, to help you and your family get your lives back to normal. Everyone you will encounter is highly trained to handle these specific types of stressful situations.

    We'll be with you every step of the way to provide:

    • Assistance with the coordination of your preferred attorney
    • Up-front attorney retainer coverage
    • Up-front bail bond funding if needed–to get you back home where you belong
    • Post-Incident psychological support
    • Advice for what you can expect to happen next (in your home, in the courtroom, and from your family or community…)
    • Weekly follow-up calls
  • What if a USCCA Member is involved in a court case involving his or her firearm, but is NOT related to self-defense?

    The coverage through the Self-Defense SHIELD is a Self-Defense Liability coverage, and responds to its members that are involved in acts of self-defense, as per the condition and limitations within the policy.

  • What exactly is covered by the Self-Defense SHIELD benefit included in membership?

    You can download and view the complete Self-Defense SHIELD Coverage Form to fully understand your benefits of USCCA membership...

  • Do Homeowners Insurance or Umbrella Policies cover self-defense?

    Homeowners and umbrella policies RARELY specify the coverage of self-defense acts with a firearm. For many policyholders, the answer is "no." Most standard home and auto policies contain a liability clause that specifically excludes coverage for injuries or damages caused by an intentional act such as firing a gun, even in self-defense. Even if the law recognizes your right to defend yourself, insurance companies see it differently, according to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI). Policies often contain an intentional injury exclusion, which defines self-defense as an intentional act and therefore excluded from compensation.

    If someone is accidentally injured on your property, your home insurance liability coverage will cover medical bills and the resulting legal fees. But if you fire a gun at an intruder and you end up in court, the deliberateness of the act (even if it was in self-defense) means that your home insurance policy may not cover the resulting costs.

    Check with your current homeowner's insurance provider to know for sure.


  • What’s the difference in the membership options?

    Every level of USCCA Membership provides self-defense legal protection, emergency resources, and training tools. The only thing that differs is the monetary level of protection you may receive in the event of a self-defense incident.

    Elite Membership: The Elite Self-Defense SHIELD coverage has a total Occurrence Limit of $2,000,000 Civil Liability Coverage and $250,000 in Criminal Liability Limit.

    Platinum Membership: The Platinum Self-Defense SHIELD coverage has a total Occurrence Limit of $1,000,000 Civil Liability Coverage and $150,000 in Criminal Liability Limit.

    Gold Membership: The Gold Self-Defense SHIELD coverage has a total Occurrence Limit of $500,000 Civil Liability Coverage and $100,000 in Criminal Liability Limit.

    Silver Membership: The Silver Self-Defense SHIELD coverage has a total Occurrence Limit of $250,000 Civil Liability Coverage and $50,000 in Criminal Liability Limit.

    Each level of membership includes a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine. We publish 8 issues per year, released every 45 days. This also provides online access to every previous issue, beginning in 2004. Your membership also gives you access to the USCCA online training resources, attorney listing, reciprocity tool, and video library.

  • What do I get right after I join?

    You’re instantly protected by the Self-Defense SHIELD the moment that you activate your membership. New members also receive a welcome kit that contains:

    • Your Membership Card with complete Post-Incident Instructions
    • Your Welcome Letter from USCCA President Tim Schmidt
    • Digital Access To Your Complete Self-Defense SHIELD Coverage Form
    • Your Quick Reference Guide For Self-Defense Incidents
    • Your USCCA Decal Sticker

    Plus, you get immediate access to the greatest resource: your USCCA Member Dashboard. Just login with your username and password to view your online training library, to access your member-only discounts, and to read past issues of Concealed Carry Magazine.

  • How do I know when my membership will expire?

    1. Go to our website
    2. Login using your username and password in the upper right hand corner of your browser.
    3. Click on “My Account:”
    4. The Membership Information screen will show your current status including your "member since" date, member number, and expiration date.
  • How do I renew my membership?

    The easiest way to renew your USCCA membership is to call 800-674-9779. Someone from our award-winning, Wisconsin-based team will take care of everything for you.

  • Can I renew early?

    Of course, simply call 800-674-9779 to renew your membership at any time.

  • How do I reactivate my membership if it has expired?

    If your USCCA Membership has expired and you would like to reactivate, simply visit

  • Can I upgrade my membership and pay the price difference?

    We can certainly take care of that for you. If you would like to upgrade your USCCA Membership simply call 800-674-9779.

  • How can I give a gift membership?

    You can process this online, by visiting our membership page:

    1. Click on the Join Now button for the desired membership.
    2. Enter Email Address and Shipping Information (This is the Recipient of the Gift Membership)
    3. Select Membership Option (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Elite)
    4. Enter Username and Password (For the Recipient)
    5. Enter Payment Details (This is the Purchaser of the Gift)
    6. Check the Click Here to Acknowledge Box
    7. Click the Activate Now button
    8. When membership goes through a Confirmation page will appear
  • Can I sign up using a check?

    Yes, you can mail in an application and a check or money order. The best thing to do is click the following link to download and print your membership form:

    Membership Form

    Mail in the completed form and we'll enter your membership/subscription.

    Our address is: Delta Defense, LLC 1000 Freedom Way West Bend, WI 53095

  • What if I can’t afford the membership?

    Even if you can't get the membership at this time, we do have a free weekly newsletter which consistently provides valuable, lifesaving information. The Concealed Carry Report is received by nearly 3 million responsibly armed Americans like you! It’s delivered every Friday with a message from USCCA President Tim Schmidt and editorials on recent events, gun and gear reviews, and law and news regarding your right to own a firearm.

    Also, remember that we do offer affordable monthly payment options, as low as $13 a month. For more information, please call our Wisconsin-based USCCA Team at 877-677-1919.

  • Is the government going to get my personal information through the USCCA?

    The USCCA is not a government-run or -affiliated entity and does not share your information with anyone. However, the U.S. government already has a list of all those who legally carry concealed or who have purchased firearms. In the event of the government subpoenaing records, the USCCA will work to protect your information to the best of our ability. We will not readily turn this information over to ANYONE.

  • How can I access my Member Dashboard?

    1. Go to
    2. Login using your Username and Password
      You are now logged into your Member Dashboard. You can continue to navigate and return to your Member Dashboard at anytime by clicking My Account in the upper right corner.
    3. When in your Member Dashboard, will have access to all of your member-only tools and resources:
    4. If you have trouble accessing your Member Dashboard or anything of resources within it, please call the Wisconsin-based USCCA Team at 877-677-1919.

    We also have a video walkthrough as well. Click here.

Concealed Carry Magazine

  • When will I get my first Concealed Carry Magazine?

    Concealed Carry Magazine is published every 45 days. If you joined on or after a publishing date, you will receive the next issue which may be up to 45 days later. You will receive 8 issues prior to your annual membership renewal date. You have online access to the digital issue through your Member Dashboard or the USCCA App.

  • Concealed Carry Magazine Print Release Schedule

    Issue Mailing Date
    January 1st Friday in January
    Feb/March 3rd Friday in Feb
    April 1st Friday in April
    May/June 3rd Friday in May
    July 1st Friday in July
    Aug./Sept. 3rd Friday in Aug
    October 1st Friday in October
    Nov./Dec. 3rd Friday in November

    Please allow 10 to 15 days for the postal service to deliver the magazine to your house. We will post each issue on the website 10 days after the print release date.

  • Do you mail internationally?

    The USCCA is no longer able to sell products or memberships internationally (including Canada). If you know someone in the US that is willing to sign up on your behalf, you can gain access to the USCCA website thru that account. The US account holder would be the recipient of the magazine and could forward it to you.

    You could choose the Silver Membership. Silver members can read the articles from the current issue while it's active on the website, but not a .pdf format. The current issue is posted on the website 10 days after the mailing date and stays on for approximately 45 days until the next issue comes out.

    If you would like to do this, just visit our online membership page.

How To Use My Member Dashboard

  • How do I log into the USCCA website?

    1. Go to
    2. Login using your Username and Password
      You are now logged into your Member Dashboard. You can continue to navigate and return to your Member Dashboard at anytime by clicking My Account in the upper right corner.
  • What do I do if I can’t remember my username or password?

    After joining the USCCA, you will soon receive your new member Welcome Kit in the mail. In it, you’ll find a Quick Reference Guide where you can write down this information for safekeeping.

    When you click Login in the upper right corner, you’ll see a link that says “Forgot Your Password?” Click this link and enter in the email address you’ve used to set up your account (this email address would also be your username.) You will receive an email which will prompt you to reset your password.

    If you still don’t have any luck logging in, please contact our Wisconsin-based USCCA Team at 877-677-1919.

  • How can I change my information?

    1. Go to
    2. Login using your Username and Password
    3. Under the heading of My Account, you can change:
      • Account Details (Shipping Address, Billing Address, Phone Number, Login Information)
      • Billing & Credit Card Information – Keep this current to avoid any lapse in Self-Defense SHIELD Coverage
  • How do I unsubscribe from emails?

    To manage your email subscription, simply click “Unsubscribe” from the bottom of one of the emails you have received. However, this may cause you to miss out on our weekly newsletters and special discounted offers. To avoid that, click “Manage My Subscription” which will take you to the Profile Center where you can check or uncheck the emails you wish to receive or discontinue.