Community FAQs

What is the USCCA Community?

The USCCA Community is our own social media platform, free from censorship. Join fun, gun-friendly conversations with more than 80,000 like-minded Americans.

Who can join the USCCA Community?

Anyone can read and learn from news and self-defense topics in the USCCA Community. If you would like to be able to start a discussion, interact or comment with others, you will need to log into your USCCA account. If you don’t have one, you can create a free USCCA account.

What are the rules for participating in the USCCA Community?

We strive to be a censorship free platform, but do have some basic community guidelines which can be found here.

How are the community rules enforced? What happens if someone reports my post(s) in the community?

The community guidelines are enforced by moderators, so if a user reports content, it is manually reviewed as appropriate to determine if that content does not adhere to the community guidelines. If a post is determined to be in violation of community guidelines, it will be removed. If one user violates community guidelines repeatedly, they may be temporarily or permanently removed from the community.

How do I use the USCCA Community?

Visit and sign up by hitting the “Log In” link on the top right. From there you can log into your USCCA account or sign up for a free account without a commitment to become a member of the USCCA. Make sure to read the USCCA Community New User Guide before you start.

How do I create a new topic?

Simply click “+ New Topic” on the community homepage when you are logged in and select the category it belongs in. Please note that a newly created topic will require approval before the topic is published only if it is created in a Miscellaneous category.

How do I join private community groups?

To join a private community group, simply send a private message to the group moderators stating your request to join.

How do I delete my account?

An account in the USCCA community cannot be deleted. Instead, it can be switched to anonymous and inactive. This means that your information will no longer be tied to any of your activity recorded in the community, but the content itself will still exist. To change your account to an inactive and anonymous, you must send the moderators a request via private message.

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