Concealed Carry Magazine FAQs

How do I sign up to receive the Concealed Carry Magazine?

The Concealed Carry Magazine is one of many benefits of USCCA Membership.

If you are not a member, you can sign up for a free USCCA account, in which you can preview some membership benefits, including a preview of our latest Concealed Carry Magazine issue, and more.

If you choose not to be a member or reside in a state in which you cannot become a USCCA member, you can subscribe to the Concealed Carry Magazine.

When will I get my first Concealed Carry Magazine?

Concealed Carry Magazine is published every 45 days. If you joined on or after a publishing date, you will receive the next issue, which may be up to 45 days later. You will receive eight issues prior to your annual membership renewal date. You have online access to the digital issue through your USCCA Member Account or the USCCA App for Android or iOS.

Concealed Carry Magazine Print Release Schedule

IssueMailing Date
January1st Friday in January
Feb/March2nd Friday in February
April1st Friday in April
May/June3rd Friday in May
July1st Friday in July
Aug./Sept.2nd Friday in August
October1st Friday in October
Nov./Dec.2nd Friday in November

Please allow 10 to 15 days for the postal service to deliver the magazine to your house. We will post each issue on the website approximately 10 days after the print release date.

Do you mail internationally?

The USCCA is not able to sell our products or memberships internationally (including Canada). If you know someone in the United States who is willing to sign up to receive Concealed Carry Magazine on your behalf, the U.S. account holder would be the recipient of the magazine and could forward it to you.

Do you accept freelance article submissions for Concealed Carry Magazine?

Concealed Carry Magazine has an ongoing need for practical and informative articles on all subjects related to concealed carry and self-defense. If you are interested in writing for Concealed Carry Magazine, please send an email to [email protected]. Prior to submitting a completed manuscript, please submit an article query that includes a short writer resume or biography, an estimated length of the story, a working title, and a brief description of your idea. Part of the purpose of this query is to convince the editors that your work will be of professional quality, so please use complete sentences and proper grammar.

How can I advertise in Concealed Carry Magazine?

If you're interested in advertising in Concealed Carry Magazine, being a part of the Concealed Carry Expo., or advertising in our First Line email newsletter, please contact our designated team.

Christopher Jante: 920-265-6738
Tanner Pruett:

Team Email: [email protected]

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