Concealed Carry Magazine FAQs

When will I get my first Concealed Carry Magazine?

Concealed Carry Magazine is published every 45 days. If you joined on or after a publishing date, you will receive the next issue which may be up to 45 days later. You will receive 8 issues prior to your annual membership renewal date. You have online access to the digital issue through your Member Dashboard or the USCCA App.

Concealed Carry Magazine Print Release Schedule

IssueMailing Date
January1st Friday in January
Feb/March2nd Friday in Feb
April1st Friday in April
May/June3rd Friday in May
July1st Friday in July
Aug./Sept.2nd Friday in Aug
October1st Friday in October
Nov./Dec.2nd Friday in November

Please allow 10 to 15 days for the postal service to deliver the magazine to your house. We will post each issue on the website approximately 10 days after the print release date.

Do you mail internationally?

The USCCA is no longer able to sell products or memberships internationally (including Canada). If you know someone in the US that is willing to sign up on your behalf, you can gain access to the USCCA website thru that account. The US account holder would be the recipient of the magazine and could forward it to you.

You could choose the Silver Membership. Silver members can read the articles from the current issue while it's active on the website, but not a .pdf format. The current issue is posted on the website 10 days after the mailing date and stays on for approximately 45 days until the next issue comes out.

If you would like to do this, just visit our online membership page.