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More than 230,000 of your fellow responsibly armed Americans read every issue of Concealed Carry Magazine from cover to cover. With insight from nationally known trainers and self-defense experts and no-holds-barred, politically incorrect commentary, Concealed Carry Magazine is the ultimate resource for the responsible American gun owner.

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Women's Community

Empowering You To Protect What Matters Most

This online community gives thousands of like-minded women a place to ask questions, share their stories, and develop rock-solid confidence. With thousands of voices from all around the country joining the conversation, these women are taking their safety and the protection of their loved ones into their own hands.

The forum covers topics of home and self-defense, firearms training and marksmanship, true stories from real women, and adapting to the armed lifestyle. You’ll also get advice from self-defense experts likes USCCA’s author of Pacifiers & Peacemakers, Beth Alcazar.

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Learn At Your Own Pace From The Comfort & Convenience Of Your Home

With all the information out there about protecting your home, your family, and yourself, trying to decide where to start can sometimes be daunting—overwhelming, even.

The Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals eLearning module is designed to bring the most crucial information related to home and personal defense to the forefront of your journey, providing you with easy-to-understand concepts necessary to becoming your family’s ultimate protector.

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The Nation’s ONLY Expo Dedicated To Education And Training Responsible Gun Owners

The USCCA Expo is a consumer show dedicated to opening a world of tactical ingenuity to responsible American gun owners. Each year we aim to travel regionally in attempts to reach as many responsibly armed Americans as possible. In the spring of 2018, you can join us in Louisville, Kentucky! Staffed by our very own USCCA team, you'll get to interact with thousands of other members–yes members get in FREE–and have the chance to meet USCCA President and Founder, Tim Schmidt.

This expo is definitely NOT a gun-free zone! The USCCA Expo offers safe and practical seminars from industry experts, a live-fire shooting range to test new pistols, and our brand-new Women's Concealed Carry Showroom!

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USCCA Expo features guns, gear, holsters, ammunition and countless resources to train and prepare for the moment you're forced to draw your firearm.

Armed American Radio

USCCA's Weekly Syndicated Radio Show

Focusing on the Second Amendment and everything related to the topic, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense bring a unique blend of conservative talk, humor and hard-hitting truth about the fundamental right to bear arms that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss. Hosted by 2015 Gun Rights Defender Of The Year Mark Walters, AAR is America’s fastest growing pro-gun-rights broadcast.

Listen live every Sunday evening from 8-11PM ET, And check out Daily Defense Monday-Friday 4-5PM ET.

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