Traveling With a Firearm and Understanding Concealed Carry State Reciprocity

Domestic travel and seeing America can be safer — but more challenging — if you choose to take your self-defense firearm on the road.

Traveling With a Firearm

Legally traveling with a firearm requires advance research of the gun laws, rules or policies of every state along your route. Fortunately, the USCCA has packed all the information you need into one convenient Concealed Carry State Reciprocity Map.

Don’t forget to also:

  • Verify that you are allowed to carry your firearm at your destination
  • Determine if and how you can lawfully cross state lines with a gun

We have covered some of the basics for the various forms of travel including:

If you will be staying at a hotel or motel, you should consider whether you are allowed to carry or have your firearm in your room. Check out our page about handguns at hotels.

Are you planning to travel internationally with a firearm? See our international travel page for tips to help you comply with customs, security and more.

Remember, these policies are subject to change, so verify with your carrier or ticketing agent prior to each trip you take to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Relevant Documents to Have

It is also a good idea to have relevant documents when carrying a gun while traveling:

  • Copies of your valid concealed carry permit(s)
  • A copy of the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA)
  • Copies of 18 USC § 926A code regarding interstate transportation of firearms
  • Printed reciprocity map(s) showing the states that recognize and honor your firearms permit
  • Documents proving that you legally own the firearms you are transporting

Top 3 Tips for Armed Travelers

Gun laws can change often and without notice, so we have several options to help you stay informed.

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