Passenger Train (Amtrak) Travel

Amtrak accepts reservations to transport checked firearms and ammunition. Transportation can only be made between Amtrak stations and on Amtrak trains within the United States that offer checked baggage service. Thruway Bus Services are not included in this service.

The Amtrak website outlines the following policies:

  • You must notify Amtrak that you will be checking firearms/ammunition no later than 24 hours before train departure by calling Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL. (Online reservations for firearms/ammunition are not accepted.)
  • You must travel on the same train that is transporting your checked firearms and/or ammunition.
  • You will need to complete and sign a two-part Declaration Form at the time of check-in.
  • Generally, you must check all firearms and/or ammunition at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled train departure. Some larger stations require that baggage be checked earlier. Please contact your departure station for more details.
  • All firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns, taser guns, starter pistols) must be unloaded and in an approved, locked, hard-sided container not exceeding 62″ L x 17″ W x 7″ D and weighing no more than 50 lbs. You must have sole possession of the key or the combination for the lock to the container.
  • Smaller locked, hard-sided containers containing smaller unloaded firearms such as handguns, taser guns and starter pistols must be securely stored within a suitcase or other item of checked baggage, but you must still declare it.
  • All ammunition carried must be securely packed in the original manufacturer’s container — in fiber, wood or metal boxes — or in other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. The maximum weight of all ammunition and containers may not exceed 11 lbs.

To enquire about or begin the firearms reservation process, visit Amtrak’s Contact Us page and select “Checked Firearms Program” as the subject; then follow guidance provided by Amtrak.

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