Federal Defensive Firearms Laws

Discover the federal gun laws, self-defense laws and regulations that impact all responsibly armed Americans across the United States.

Federal Firearms Transportation Laws – Looking for information on how to legally transport your firearm from state to state? Wondering about the “Peaceable Journey Law?” Click here for details and links to these federal transportation laws.
Federally Banned Locations for Carrying Firearms – Do you know if you can legally carry your concealed handgun while hiking in a national forest? What about the parking lot at your local U.S. Post Office? Click here to find answers about these and other federally owned properties.
National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Forests & Airports – Planning a visit to one of the 58 beautiful national parks in the United States? Is there any difference between concealed carrying in the park and in a building within the park? What about national forests or airports? Click here for more information and links to these federal laws.
Federally Prohibited Persons (Including Marijuana Users) – Interested in learning more about the types of things that prevent individuals from qualifying to obtain a concealed carry permit? Can a person have a medical marijuana card and a concealed carry permit? Click here to find answers to those questions.
Federal Prohibitions on Certain Types of Firearms – Are any types of firearms banned in the U.S.? What about firearms that are not detectable by metal detectors? Click here for the federal laws governing prohibited firearms.
Federal Ammunition Laws – Are any types of ammunition banned in the U.S.? Is there a minimum age for individuals to purchase ammunition? Click here for those details and links to the federal laws governing ammunition.
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) – Have you heard that retired law enforcement officers can legally carry a concealed handgun in every state without needing any state CCW permits? Are there limitations or requirements that need to be met? Click here for most anything you might want to know about HR 218, otherwise known as LEOSA.
Federal Minimum Age to Purchase and Possess Handguns – Want to know how old you need to be in order to buy a handgun? Can a firearms dealer sell a handgun to an 18-year-old? Click here to find the answers and links to this Federal law.