Game Over: Michigan Senior Citizen Defends Against Armed Robber

A 69-year-old man and his son met a stranger outside an apartment to sell a video game. The sale turned into a robbery when the buyer produced a handgun and demanded the property. The older man drew his own pistol and fired on the robber. Though the ensuing exchange of gunfire drove off the robber, the father was seriously injured in the hip and leg. Police were still searching for the robber at press time.

Washington State Man Defends Family

A Yakima man was in a Walmart parking lot, eating lunch in his car with his girlfriend and her child. A man armed with a handgun opened the car door and demanded money and that the three victims get out of the vehicle. During the altercation, the car owner produced his own gun and fired on the robber, hitting him in the chest and throat, which ended the attempted robbery. As chance would have it, an ambulance and its crew were on break in the same parking lot and responded to the situation in seconds, likely saving the life of the critically wounded robber. Local police are investigating the incident as self-defense., Washington

Elderly Oregonian Stops Home Invasion

An East Salem homeowner was at home with his daughter and two grandchildren around 7 p.m. when someone tried to break into the home. Taking up a gun, the 62-year-old fired on the invader, fatally wounding him. No one else was harmed in the incident.

Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon

Missouri Woman Shot, Killed in Robbery Attempt

An armed woman and three armed accomplices invaded a home in St. Louis. During the incident, a visitor took up a firearm and fatally shot the armed woman, causing her accomplices to flee. After reviewing the evidence, investigators and prosecutors declared the shooting to be self-defense and declined to file charges against the defender.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri

Tennessee Dad Defends Home Against Burglar

A Memphis man was at home in his apartment building with his 13-year-old son when he heard noises. Taking a firearm with him to investigate, the father saw a stranger attempting to force his way into the home through a window. Knowing he had a family to protect, the man fired a single round at the invader, killing him.

WREG-TV Channel 3, Memphis

Mississippi Domestic Attack Stopped by Friend of Victim

A Biloxi woman was at home with friends when a former paramour forced his way into the home. Someone present in the house fired on the man, killing him. Investigating authorities will present their findings in the matter to grand jury review.

The Sun Herald, Biloxi, Mississippi

Oklahoma Man Stops Assault, Home Invasion

After backing his truck into a KFC storefront, a driver in Chickasha, Oklahoma, drove through neighboring yards. He then left his vehicle and started banging on residents’ doors. However, when his attempt to forcibly enter one home turned into assault, the homeowner took up a gun to protect his wife, killing the aggressor., Oklahoma

Georgia Homeowner Shoots Daylight Burglar

A homeowner’s brother heard loud noises at the side entrance to his brother’s home. When he went to investigate, the man found a stranger attempting to force his way in. The brother fired on the house-breaker, fatally wounding him and stopping the invasion.

WGCL-TV Channel 46, Atlanta

Tennessee Man Defends Against Domestic Assailant

A Johnson City couple arrived home to find the woman’s former partner, who was the subject of a domestic protection order, hiding with a gun behind the house. Upon being assaulted by the intruder, the man took up a firearm and shot the assailant multiple times, injuring him and ending the incident.

WCYB-TV Channel 5, Bristol, Tennessee

Oregon Visitor Defends Against Assault

A California man visiting a Medford, Oregon, resident confronted a local man who was causing a commotion. When the disorderly man produced a pistol and threatened the Californian, the visitor — who was legally armed — produced his own pistol and fired on the assailant, fatally wounding him and stopping the attack.

KDRV-TV Channel 12, Medford, Oregon

Michigan Man Holds Daylight Burglar for Police

A Quincy man came home to find an intruder armed with a hatchet. Going to his vehicle to retrieve a pistol, the homeowner held the armed individual until he could be taken into custody by responding police. No one was injured in the incident.

WTVB-AM Radio, Coldwater, Michigan

Pennsylvania Restaurateur Stops Robbery in Progress

The owner of a restaurant in York came out of his kitchen around 7 one evening to find an armed man trying to rob the place at gunpoint. Drawing his own gun, the owner shot and killed the robber. The York County prosecutor is reviewing the shooting to determine whether it was justified.

WHP-TV Channel 21, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania