Frenzied Customer: Virginia Auto Shop Owner Defends Against Attack

A customer irate over auto repair charges for his niece’s vehicle attacked a Stafford garage owner and threatened store employees. When the customer pushed an employee to the ground and drew a pistol, the garage owner drew his own pistol and fired on the assailant, wounding him in the abdomen and putting him to flight. Police arrested the suspect after investigating the incident.

Alexandria Daily Voice, Virginia


Illinois Homeowner Stops Burglary

A Chicago man arrived home to find a stranger burglarizing his house. Drawing his legally carried firearm, the homeowner shot the invader, hitting him in the abdomen. Police are still investigating the incident.

Fox 32, Chicago


Indiana Man Defends Home With Shotgun

Two men accosted a Muncie man in his home and tried to rob him at gunpoint. When one of the assailants shot at him, the homeowner returned fire with a shotgun and wounded that perpetrator in the face. Both robbers fled the scene and were apprehended later by police.

The Star Press, Muncie, Indiana


Maryland Man Shoots Home-Invading Package Thief

A Hyattsville man noticed someone trying to steal a package from a USPS letter carrier. The man went to help, but the altercation turned violent when the thief fought back and chased the good Samaritan into his home. That’s when the homeowner grabbed a pistol and shot the attacker in the leg. Responding police arrested the thief in the street.

WJLA-TV Virtual Channel 7, Washington, D.C.


Oregon Homeowner Defends Against Home Invader

A Keizer man awoke at around 2:20 a.m. to noises in his house. Taking up a firearm, he encountered a stranger. He fired on the intruder, fatally wounding him. The police said they are continuing the investigation.

KATU-TV Channel 2, Portland


Washington State Homeowner Confronts Burglars

After a string of previous burglaries at his ranch, a Tenino man and his brother heard noises outside at around 4:30 a.m. Investigating the noise — with one brother carrying a rifle — the siblings observed an ATV parked near some storage trailers and two men walking away from the trailers. The brothers confronted the men, one of whom fled the scene. The other, who was holding a baseball bat, attacked the brother carrying the rifle. The armed brother fired a single shot at his attacker, wounding him in the arm. Both prowlers were arrested by responding police.

The Chronicle, Centralia, Washington


Montana Armed Citizen Stops Machete Attack

A Missoula man observed a machete- wielding man threatening several people on a busy street in broad daylight. As the Missoula man parked his car and approached the scene, the same machete-wielding male approached him. That’s when the citizen drew his pistol and ordered the assailant to drop his weapon and lay face down on the ground. The man lowered the machete but did not drop it, and the armed citizen held the man at gunpoint until police arrived shortly after and took control of the situation., Missoula, Montana


Colorado Homeowner Fatally Shoots Armed Invaders

A Northglenn homeowner observed two young men breaking down a fence and then attempting to gain entrance to his residence. Taking up a firearm, the homeowner confronted the armed teens, one having a firearm and the other a machete. An exchange of gunfire ensued, and the homeowner fatally wounded the teens.

KDVR-TV Channel 31, Denver


Nebraska Man Defends Against Knife Attack

A North Platte man and a younger friend were having dinner one evening when the younger man began drinking heavily. The older man asked his friend to leave because of the drinking, but the young friend refused. When the younger man became violent and pulled a knife and threatened to kill him, the older man took up a pistol and shot the friend in the chest. Investigating police determined the older man used deadly force in self-defense.


Nevada Domestic Dispute Leaves One Man Dead

A Las Vegas woman and her boyfriend got into an argument one night. When the man pulled a knife on the girlfriend, she drew a pistol and shot him, fatally wounding him., Las Vegas


Texas Motorcycle Shop Owner Shoots Invader

A Lubbock motorcycle shop owner was working late one night when a man he didn’t recognize broke into the building. When the owner confronted the invader, a fight ensued, during which the owner shot the suspect in the chest, mortally wounding him and stopping the assault., Texas


Florida Man Defeats Multiple Armed Robbers

Three masked and armed men approached a Pompano Beach man in the lobby of a luxury apartment complex and demanded money. Rather than comply, the would-be victim used his own handgun to fire on the robbers, wounding one — who died four days later — and putting the other two to flight., Florida