The Choice is Yours. Protect Yourself!

There was a mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.  Of course, initial reports by the mainstream media were wrong. That no longer surprises us. But one theme that kept running through the reports was, “This is a quiet neighborhood. How could this happen here?”

Guess what? Crime will happen anywhere cars can travel. Your quiet neighborhood is not a safe zone. Why are people constantly surprised when things like this happen? The world has a population of evil men. Those evil men will perpetrate evil acts on the softest possible targets they can find, because, like predators, they prey on the weak.

It is no wonder these attacks happen at places where people are disarmed “for their own safety.” The security at non-combatant military installations is laughable. But yet those at the base are required to remain disarmed. I understand there are a large number of civilians working at the Washington Navy Yard, but there are a large number of service members, too. Every single service member should be trained and armed. A sidearm should be part of the uniform of the day.

That should also be true of civilians. If you are more than three seconds away from your defensive sidearm stop reading this column and go get your gun. It does you no good in the safe.

The problem we face is that a large portion of our population thinks “someone” should protect the people. Many of our citizens would rather rely on “someone” than take personal responsibility for their own protection. But the ugly truth is that no one can protect us. There is no way, short of creating a police state, that we could rely on anyone other than ourselves for immediate protection.

We have two choices: allow for the creation of a police state where the 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments are washed away in order for the government to “keep us safe” or respect the responsibility of law-abiding private citizens to defend themselves.

When an active shooter is engaged by any armed opposition, even if the defender does not fire his or her weapon, the number of people killed in such an event is, on average, two. When an active shooter is not confronted the average number of dead rises to 14 per incident. So for all those who say, “If we can do something to save just one life, it will be worth it,” the something we should be doing is seeking training and arming ourselves in the unlikely event we are faced with such a mind-numbing tragedy.

I bet there are a whole bunch of citizens in Washington D.C. right now, wishing they had means to defend themselves.

I may be preaching to the choir here, but I’m hoping you will carry the message to the masses. No one can save you. Save yourself. Get training. Get a gun. Hope you never have to use it, but be ready just in case.

Stay safe.
Train hard.

Kevin Michalowski
Executive Editor, Concealed Carry Magazine.

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