Being active with a concealed firearm sometimes poses a challenge, but the Marathon GunPack from Elite Survival Systems gives you a lightweight, comfortable carry system for all of your outdoor activities, including running.

The front carry pouch will fit small handguns and comes equipped with ripcords to assist with quick opening, but those cords are a bit short for me, so I added a braided zipper pull.

What I really like about the Marathon GunPack is the elastic waist strap. It is strong and wide enough to keep the pack in place, but flexible enough to provide all-day comfort. If you want to be armed while walking, running or hiking, take a look at the Marathon GunPack. It keeps your gun right where you need it … comfortably.

Hydrate or Die

The Marathon Pack comes with two 7-ounce water bottles. The bottles are just the right size for this pack in that they are not too heavy while running. The front pocket also has room for a cell phone and even includes a port for the headphones cord, but remember that wearing headphones really reduces your situational awareness.