What Are You Doing With That Gun? Just Stop the Threat!

What do you do with your defensive pistol? Are you trying to scare someone away? Are you trying to hurt someone? Do you intend to kill someone?

The answers to the last three questions are nope, no, and Hell no!

If you tell anyone you wanted to kill the person you shot at, you may end up on the wrong side of an angry District Attorney’s desk. The family of the person who attacked you will almost certainly sue you.

The goal of deadly force is to “Stop the Threat.” That is all. You just want the person attacking you to stop and the only way to make that happen is to use deadly force. It is not our intent to kill. And we only use enough force to stop the threat. When the threat is stopped, we stop using force.

Into the Fray, Episode 22: What Are You Doing With That Gun?

Just stop the threat! Shoot until the threat stops—and then don’t shoot anymore. And never—I mean NEVER—tell anyone you WANTED to kill the person you shot at.

You don’t want to kill anyone. That is not your goal. Your goal is to stop the threat. Never tell investigating officers you wanted your attacker dead. Protect yourself legally and simply say, “I wanted to stop him.”

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