On the day the USCCA was born, Tim Schmidt had a clear vision: To help fellow Americans who desire to be the first line of defense for their families.

Following the birth of his first child, Tim tried to gather information about how best to protect his growing family but found a dearth of information online or in print. Sure, there were plenty of gun magazines available to the public, but very little information about the intricacies of concealed carry — and even less on what can happen in the aftermath of a self-defense incident. He took it upon himself to create an outlet where responsible Americans can access the knowledge, skills and support they need to become protectors with confidence and peace of mind.

He created the USCCA.

The world has changed dramatically since that day. To stay ahead of the forces of change, it is important that we also grow and change. But our mission remains the same: We serve those who want to responsibly protect. We advocate for safer families, safer communities and the responsible use of firearms for protection.

Today’s USCCA

The USCCA is here, more than 420,000 members strong, to support those who are dedicated to protecting their loved ones with confidence and peace of mind. With this shared goal at heart, we’ve made some recent changes to emphasize our continual focus on pushing forward that mission.

Our new look and feel emphasize our continued focus on helping our members with the training, education and support they need to protect their families. This includes Americans from all walks of life, in every stage of their journeys to becoming responsible protectors.

You’ll notice we’ve adopted safety gold as our new brand color. Yellow is universally associated with safety and a reminder to stay cautiously alert. It’s a visual cue to stay in “condition yellow,” aware and prepared at all times.

You were “Born To Protect,” and we are passionate about helping you do so. Our mission has always been to serve those who choose to be their family’s first line of defense. It takes courage to make that choice, and we want to recognize all of our members for taking on the responsibility of becoming selfless guardians for the people they love.