Bump Fire/Bump-Fire Stock

Bump Fire

image of a bump-fire stock

Bump fire (or bump firing) is a technique used with a semi-automatic firearm to replicate full-automatic fire. This is accomplished by using the recoil and weight of the firearm to engage the trigger. This can be done with any semi-automatic firearm by affixing the trigger with a stationary object and pulling the handguard forward to fire a round.

Bump-Fire Stock

A bump-fire stock (or bump stock) is an aftermarket product designed to make a semi-automatic rifle fire faster. It is used to replace the rifle’s stock — the part held against the shoulder — freeing it to slide back and forth rapidly and harness the recoil energy. 

Bump stocks came under scrutiny due to the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas as a dozen of the rifles used by the shooter were modified with bump stocks, allowing the shooter to reportedly fire more than 1,100 rounds in 11 minutes. However, bump-fire stocks have been available for many years in the U.S.

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