Parking Spot Clash: Florida Road Rage Leads to Attack Over Parking Space

Upset that another man had beaten him to a Fort Lauderdale parking spot, an unhappy driver confronted the other motorist. Refusing to accept the man in the parking space’s apology, the disgruntled driver escalated matters and went to attack the man. The threatened motorist shot him in the leg. The shooter had not been charged at time of publication.

WFOR-TV Channel 4, Doral, Florida

New York Man Holds Intruder at Gunpoint For Police

At around midnight, a Watertown man heard noises coming from downstairs while in his upstairs bedroom. When he opened the door to his basement, he saw an intruder staring back at him. The homeowner slammed and locked the door and called the police. The intruder banged on the basement door until he broke it open, and the homeowner held the intruder at riflepoint until police arrived to arrest him., New York

Michigander Shoots Man Demanding Entry to His Home

A Detroit man was awakened at around 4:30 a.m. by a stranger banging on his front door and yelling that someone owed him money. The Michigan homeowner called the police, armed himself with a pistol and went downstairs to order the man to leave. Rather than leave the homeowner alone, the stranger pulled a gun and threatened him. The homeowner fired four shots at the intruder, fatally wounding him. Police released the homeowner without charges.

Illinoisan Stymies Car Burglar

A Joliet, Illinois, man noticed an unusual light coming from his neighbor’s car at around 2 a.m. Going to investigate, he found a young stranger in the vehicle. He held the man at gunpoint until police could reach the scene. Police charged the intruder with attempted motor vehicle theft, burglary to a motor vehicle, possession of burglar tools and criminal damage to property.

Delaware Man Shoots Home Invader

A Dover man observed two men, one armed, breaking into his home. The Delaware homeowner took up a gun and fired on the two invaders, wounding one in the leg and putting both to flight. Police arrested one of the invaders, a 15-year-old juvenile male, when he sought medical treatment for a gunshot wound to the leg. Investigators also arrested his accomplice a short time later., Delaware

Iowa Concealed Carrier Defends Against Unprovoked Attack in Grocery Store

One morning, a Des Moines woman experienced an unprovoked attack by a strange woman in a local grocery store. Fortunately, she was armed and drew her pistol and fired on her assailant, striking her in the leg and ending the attack. A nearby man was wounded in the foot by a ricocheted bullet from the woman’s handgun. A police investigation determined the victim fired in self-defense, and she was not charged.

Tennessee Man Stops Trio Threatening Neighbor’s Home

While walking his dog at around 3 a.m., a Memphis man noticed a car stop suddenly. Three men exited it and ran toward a neighbor’s home. On being questioned about what they were doing, the strangers fired on the dog walker. He drew his own pistol and returned fire, driving the men off. Responding police officers found two of the men still in the area and arrested them. They also apprehended the third suspect, who was suffering from a bullet wound to his lower back, nearby. The Tennessee dog walker and his dog were unharmed.

WHBQ-TV Virtual Channel 13, Memphis

Mississippi Family Argument Turns Deadly

A Jackson family argument turned violent when a man fired on his sister and his sister’s husband. The wounded sister returned fire and fatally shot her brother, who died at the scene. The police will present the case to the county grand jury as a self-defense shooting.

WJTV Channel 12, Jackson, Mississippi

Alabama Homeowner Stops Home Invader

A Geneva County homeowner heard strange noises at around 3 a.m. Taking up a gun to investigate, he confronted an unknown man in a hallway, who then assaulted the homeowner. In the ensuing struggle, the homeowner shot the individual in the leg and the abdomen. The police reported that the invader was in stable condition at the time of the report and that the homeowner was not facing any charges.

WDHN-TV Channel 18, Dothan, Alabama

Louisiana Man Kills Son in Defense of Daughter-In-Law

Things turned violent over an argument between a Carencro man and his wife, and the man’s father intervened to prevent his son from hurting the woman. Angered by this act, the son drew a knife on his father, who responded by fatally shooting his son. The police called the shooting a matter of self-defense, and the local prosecutor will review the case., Lafayette, Louisiana

Washington State Man Defends Against Random Knife Attack

An Olympia man entered an apartment complex’s lobby and brandished a large knife at a man who was peacefully sitting in a chair. The seated man drew a pistol and ordered the assailant to back off. When the agitated man rushed the seated man, the victim shot him twice. The assailant died at the scene.

The Olympian, Washington

Pennsylvania Man Defends Against Armed Robber

While having a midnight smoke in front of his South Philadelphia home, a man noticed a stranger ride up on a bicycle. The stranger pointed a pistol at him and announced a robbery, so the man drew his legal pistol and shot the robber in the head. The robber managed to fire before collapsing and died later at a local hospital. The police did not pursue charges against the self-defender as of press time.

WCAU-TV Channel 10, Philadelphia