Stepping In: Utah Man Defends Woman Against Assault

A Provo man was driving one evening when he noticed a fight between a man and a woman in front of an apartment complex. Determining the woman was getting the worst of it, the driver stopped, approached the fight and ordered the man to stop beating the woman. Despite the driver announcing he had a pistol and would shoot to stop the attack, the man persisted in beating the woman. The good Samaritan fired on the assailant, hitting him twice and ending the fight. Both the shooting victim and the beaten woman were hospitalized, with the man dying of his chest wounds three days later. Utah allows the use of deadly force for the protection of self and others. Police will present the case to the Utah County prosecutor’s office, which will decide whether to file charges against the shooter.

Deseret News
Salt Lake City, Utah

Pennsylvania Homeowner Defends Against Home Invader

A Crescent Township man answered the door one night to find a man looking for a girl. On being told he had the wrong house and ordered to leave, the stranger became irate and demanded entry. The homeowner called 911 to request police assistance with the intruder. While the homeowner was on the phone with police, the intruder became more aggressive and kicked down the front door. Fearing for his safety and that of his child and elderly mother, the homeowner drew a pistol and shot the intruder several times. He died at the scene.

WPXI-TV Channel 11
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Michigan Teen Saves Mother in Domestic Incident

When a Vandalia teenager saw his mother being beaten and threatened in a domestic altercation, he took up a gun and fired on her assailant — his own father — injuring him in the abdomen. Police determined the teen will not be charged since he acted in defense of himself and his mother.

WNDU-TV Channel 16
South Bend, Indiana

Illinois Concealed Carrier Defends Self and Son Against Armed Stranger

A Chicago man was leaving home with his son when he was accosted by an armed stranger who began threatening the pair with violence. Fearing for the safety of his child, the man pushed his son behind him and turned to face the threat. The stranger, seeing this defensive action as intimidation, increased his aggressive behavior, then fired on the father and son. The father promptly drew his legally carried pistol and returned fire, hitting his attacker several times and ending the event. Responding police are investigating the incident as a self-defense shooting by the father, and the assailant turned out to be a gang member who had threatened other people that day.

Washington State Man Shot as He Breaks Into Neighbors’ Home

A Spokane man was shot in the chest as he attempted to break into a home in broad daylight. The homeowners had seen the intruder approach the home with two large kitchen knives. Since the man had broken into their home before and was now armed with knives, the male homeowner armed himself with a Glock 19 and shouted through the closed and locked door for the intruder to leave. Rather than comply, the intruder kicked the door open, whereupon the homeowner fired on him twice, hitting him at least once. The intruder reportedly had a history of mental problems and of breaking into neighbors’ houses.

The Spokesman-Review
Spokane, Washington

Michigan Woman Stops Break-In Attempt

A Detroit woman heard banging on her front door and windows but ignored it because people who visit her use the doorbell. She then heard noises from an enclosed patio attached to her home and realized someone had broken through the security bars on a rear window. That’s when she retrieved a .44-caliber pistol and fired on three men breaking into her home. She hit one and drove all three away. The injured 19-year-old man and a companion were arrested when seeking medical attention for a gunshot wound.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7
Detroit, Michigan

Florida Woman Defends Against Home Invader

A Jacksonville woman living in a quiet neighborhood was forced to defend herself and her two children when the estranged father of her two kids broke into her home around midnight. The 25-year-old woman had an active restraining order in place against the man for the past several months, during which time he had threatened to kill her. Fearing for her safety when he forced his way into the home, the woman shot him several times and then called police. Responding officers found the man dead of his wounds near the master bedroom. The case will be referred to the state’s attorney’s office for review.

WJXT-TV Channel 4
Jacksonville, Florida

Tennessee Woman Shoots Home Invader

An East Memphis woman saw, via her security camera system, a man walking along the side of her house holding a cellphone. When asked, he told the woman he was looking for someone. Suspicious of the man, the female homeowner called police to report a strange man on her property. Police were slow to respond, so the homeowner called 911 a second time. A few minutes later, the man kicked in the door of the residence, at which point the female homeowner opened fire, hitting the burglar at least once and putting him to flight. Police arrested him for aggravated burglary when he sought medical attention for his gunshot would at a nearby hospital.

WREG-TV Channel 3
Memphis, Tennessee

North Carolina Man Fights Off Armed Robbers

A Lumberton man was in his garage about 6 p.m. when two men approached him, threatened him with a gun and demanded money. The victim drew his own pistol and fired on the robbers, wounding one in the thigh and putting the other to flight. The second suspect was arrested a day or so later. Although the victim and his assailants exchanged several shots, gunfire only hit one of the robbers.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina