True Stories — November/December 2018

Tooth and Nail: Utah Man Forced to Shoot Hammer-Wielding Uncle

A Pleasant Grove man was at his father’s house when his uncle, who was known to have mental problems, approached the home with a claw hammer in one hand and a sledgehammer in the other. The uncle began banging on the front door, demanding entry. When a female resident opened the door, an altercation ensued, with the hammer-swinging uncle becoming increasingly more agitated and threatening. The homeowner’s son, fearing for the safety of his parents, fired on his trespassing uncle, killing him.

Gephardt Daily, Utah

Pennsylvania Mother Stops Carjacking, Kidnapping of Her Children

A Philadelphia mother of two filled her car with gas at a convenience store and then went inside to pay for her purchase, leaving her keys and her two young children in her SUV. As she returned to the car, she noticed a strange man trying to drive away with her children in the back seat. Jumping into the passenger side, the mother frantically implored the stranger to stop. When he refused, she drew a pistol from the car’s glove compartment and shot the carjacker once in the side of the face, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a utility pole. The mother and children were unharmed. The carjacker survived the shooting and was hospitalized. He will face felony charges on his release. Investigators said the mother would not face charges.

WCAU-TV Channel 10, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

South Carolina Man Defends Against Assailant

A Travelers Rest man was in his car at his home when an acquaintance aggressively accosted him. The homeowner demanded that the acquaintance leave the property, but the intruder attacked instead, causing the homeowner to draw a pistol and shoot once, putting his aggressor to flight. The attacker will face charges of stalking and third degree battery; police determined the homeowner acted in self-defense.

USA Today

Tennessee Couple Saved by Good Samaritan

A Memphis couple, the wife eight months pregnant, was unloading groceries from their car when they were accosted by two armed men who demanded money. Fortunately, a neighbor saw what was happening, took up a gun and charged the scene, prompting one robber to flee. The second robber fired on the good Samaritan. This gave the male robbery victim time to draw his own gun and fire on the remaining suspect. When the smoke cleared, the remaining robber was injured and in police custody, and the robbery victims and the good Samaritan were unharmed.

WREG-Channel 3, Memphis, Tennessee

Michigan Homeowner Defends Against Armed Intruder

A Detroit homeowner was accosted early one morning by an acquaintance armed with a rifle. The homeowner, fearing for his life, used a handgun he kept in the home to defend against the armed assailant, shooting him several times and killing him.

Utah Man Defends Against Early Morning Invader

A South Salt Lake man awoke in his apartment about 4:40 one morning to the sound of someone kicking in his front door. Taking up a pistol he kept for protection, he found a stranger inside the home. Fearing for his life, the resident fired on the burglar several times, hitting him and putting him to flight. Responding police found the suspected burglar in a different part of the apartment complex and said the resident was well within his rights to defend himself with deadly force.

Fox 13, Salt Lake City, Utah

Washington State Man Defends Against Intruding Neighbor

A Lakewood man was at home in his apartment at about 11 a.m. when a neighbor tried to break down his door. When the neighbor ignored shouted demands to stop the break-in attempt, the resident fired a single shot, hitting the neighbor in the leg and ending the incident. The intruding neighbor’s injury was not life-threatening.

The News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington

Florida Concealed Carrier Defends Against Armed Assailant

An employee dispute turned dangerous when a man, accused of reporting people stealing company supplies, became angered at the accusations and pulled a gun on two fellow employees. One of those employees drew his own legally carried pistol and ordered the assailant to drop his gun. When the assailant refused, the concealed carry permit holder shot him once and ended the standoff. Investigating police found the attacker was a convicted felon and arrested him on multiple felony charges.

WBBH-TV Channel 2, Fort Myers, Florida

Texas Man Saves Wife from Armed Robbers

A Houston woman was returning home at about 10:30 one night when she was accosted by two armed men who demanded money. After taking her purse, they were forcing the woman into the home when her husband, who had heard the commotion, came out of the house with a pistol and engaged the robbers, shooting one in the head and driving the other off. The husband and wife were not injured.

KHOU-TV Channel 11, Houston, Texas

Georgia Couple Fights off Armed Trio

Three men followed a DeKalb County couple out of a Kroger grocery store and into the parking lot. As the couple approached their vehicle, the trio pulled guns and demanded money. Fortunately, one of the would-be victims was legally armed, drew a pistol and fired on the robbers. In the ensuing gunfight, two of the robbers were wounded and all three fled the scene. An innocent bystander was also wounded in the exchange.

WSB-TV Channel 2, Atlanta, Georgia


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