Market Crash: Pennsylvania Customer Shoots Armed Robber

Two men, one armed, entered a north Philadelphia food market shortly after noon. They accosted and pistol-whipped a customer who was waiting for a food order. When the armed robber handed his pistol to his accomplice, the wounded customer drew his own legally carried gun and shot his assailant twice in the chest and twice in the abdomen. The accomplice fled the scene. The wounded robber succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Investigators said the defending customer is unlikely to be charged., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


South Carolina Juvenile Shoots Burglar

Two Columbia youths were at home one afternoon when they saw a man trying to break into the house. They hid, but the intruder fired on them when he made entry. One of the juveniles found a firearm and returned fire, killing the assailant. Police determined the shooting was justified.

WLTX-TV Channel 29, Columbia, South Carolina


Michigan Woman Defended by Son Against Domestic Assault

A Lansing woman was being assaulted by a domestic partner. Seeing his mother being attacked and fearing for her life, her son took up a firearm and shot the assailant, ending the incident. The assailant was not seriously wounded and took himself to a nearby hospital for treatment, where police arrested him.

Lansing State Journal, Michigan


Minnesota Rideshare Driver Defends Against Armed Attack

A Minneapolis rideshare driver was shot by one of two teenagers as they left his car at the end of a fare. Although seriously wounded, the driver drew his own pistol and returned fire. A 17-yearold boy who sought medical attention for a gunshot wound at an area hospital was determined through investigation to be the shooter and was arrested.

WCCO-TV Channel 4, Minneapolis


Georgia Armed Citizen Stops Assault

A Warner Robins man was at a Walmart gas station when he observed an assault. The citizen stopped the fight and held the assailant at gunpoint until police arrived to take charge of the situation.

WGXA-TV Channel 24, Macon, Georgia


Alabama Cop Shot by Own Father

An off-duty Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy was driving his mother and brother to secure a restraining order against his father for domestic assault when they encountered him on the roadway. The father struck the deputy’s vehicle with his car and, when both cars stopped, the father exited his vehicle, gun in hand. Ordering his mother and brother to leave, the deputy engaged his father in an attempt to get him to put down the gun. Instead, the father fired on his son, hitting him five times. The deputy, though seriously wounded, was able to return fire, hitting his father several times and killing him., Alabama


Arkansas Man Defends Against Knife Attack

A Dumas man was clearing brush outside his home when he was accosted by a man with a knife. Recognizing the assailant as a neighbor who had threatened to kill him, the homeowner took up a gun and fired at his attacker, killing him. The state prosecutor’s office was still considering the case at press time.

KNWA-TV Channel 24, Rogers, Arkansas


Pennsylvania Woman Defends Boyfriend

A Reading couple were seated in their car when an acquaintance approached, drew a pistol and fired on the male, striking him in the arm. The wounded man’s girlfriend drew her own pistol and engaged the assailant, exchanging gunfire but missing him. The woman then drove her boyfriend to a nearby fire station for help. Police arrested the attacker the next day, and the victim survived.

Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania


Tennessee Man Defends Against Son in Family Dispute

A Nashville man had to defend against his own son, who fatally stabbed his uncle and then tried to kill his parents. Disgruntled that his parents had forced him to move out of their home, the son stabbed his uncle to death in the uncle’s apartment, then went after his parents in their home. After the mother suffered a cut on the arm and the father was stabbed several times, the father took up a pistol and fired. Despite multiple stab wounds, the father was able to pin his son down and hold him until police arrived., Tennessee


Nevada Woman Defends Against Ex-Boyfriend

A Las Vegas woman was at home with her three small children and boyfriend when an ex broke into the home. Seeing the woman was armed, the invader fled but returned later with a gun. When the intruder held a gun to the current boyfriend’s head, the woman fired a single shot, killing the ex.

Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada


Washington State Employee Kills Hostage-Taking Robber

When a robber observed an employee leaving the parking lot of a Covington marijuana store, he approached him from behind, put him in a chokehold and held a gun to his head. The robber then used the hostage to get past the security guard and into the store. Another employee inside the store saw what was happening and drew his legally carried pistol and shot the hostage-taker, killing him and ending the incident. No one else was injured.

KIRO-TV Channel 7, Seattle


North Carolina Man Shot Breaking Into Ex’s Home

A Winston-Salem woman and a friend were at home one morning when the woman’s ex forced his way in. Hearing the door being breached, the tenant grabbed a firearm and shot the intruder, wounding him in the shoulder. Police were still investigating the incident at the time it was reported.

WGHP-TV Channel 8, High Point, North Carolina