Why You Should Own a Taser for Self-Defense

I remember the fateful day very well.  I was in a Taser instructor certification course and was awaiting my exposure to the X26 Taser.  I was about to be hit with the two probes fired from the X26, carrying 50,000 volts of electricity for the standard five second “ride.”  A moment later, I heard the instructor who was about to shoot me warn, “TASER-TASER!”


The experience of being Tased is akin to having a Tyrannosaurus Rex grab you by spinal column and shake you for the longest five seconds of your life!  I had no ability to move voluntarily; I was totally incapacitated. Once the current stopped, I think I was also happier than I had ever been in my life!  I instantly recovered and felt nothing but relief.  Afterward, I made a resolution: I would never work the road as an officer again without one on my belt.  I purchased my own X26.

The Taser is the greatest law enforcement subject control innovation since the nightstick.  It has saved countless officers and suspects alike from serious injury, and is more effective than any other less lethal control method.

Just as in the law enforcement world, not every civilian confrontation by miscreants requires the application of deadly force.  Civilians have just as much need for less lethal defense tools as the police, and Taser provides several versions of their tools for that purpose.

There are some things that you need to know about any type of Taser control device before you purchase one:

– Any given device may not be legal in every location of the U.S., and that includes
commercial aircraft.

– They aren’t foolproof.  Both darts need to strike the person you are deploying it against to be effective.

– If both probes don’t hit, it can still be used as a contact stun device.

Taser Probes

The probes are what make it different than the less expensive electronic “stun” devices, no matter how many volts they claim to have.  Stun devices only cause pain when they are used against an attacker, due to the small distance between their electrodes.  The spread of the Taser probes causes neuromuscular incapacitation.  Another major benefit of a civilian Taser system is that, depending on which system you have, you can be up to fifteen feet or more from the attacker when you deploy it.

Civilian Models from TASER

Taser currently markets four civilian models. The first is the C2, the most compact.  It differs from the standard Tasers in that it runs for thirty seconds (rather than five) when deployed.  That may be enough of a jolt to make a criminal give up his life of crime!  MSRP with a laser sighting system is around $350 (I highly recommend the laser system).

The M26C, which is based on the original M26 Advanced Law Enforcement Taser, runs for five seconds.  It may be best for security or law enforcement personnel.  I purchased one to replace my X26 which recently died after many years of use.  I purchased it because it was cheaper to purchase than a new X26 and it’s powered by AA alkaline batteries rather than the Taser lithium power supply.  It is priced at $499.

The X26C has a discharge duration of ten seconds.  It is priced at $999 and is almost as compact as the C2.  The M26C and X26C both use the original cartridges that are used by police.

The newest civilian Taser is the X3 Home Defender™.  This is the only version that fires multiple cartridges without reloading, which is an incredible benefit.  The three cartridges travel 25 feet.  The X3 is the largest and most expensive of the Taser’s and is priced at $1,099.  It’s the highest tech version of the Taser to date.

All civilian Tasers are available in kit form.  Every kit includes cartridges and an instructional DVD, which is necessary to watch in order to understand and have confidence in the system. If you are ever forced to use your Taser against a suspect and have to leave the Taser at the scene of the crime so that you can get away from your attacker, Taser will replace it at no charge. As someone who has been on both ends of the Taser, I can highly recommend any of the civilian Taser’s for use as a part of your personal defense system. www.taser.com

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