Lately there has been lots of talk about safeties on firearms. Some people even claim pistols like the Glock or Kahr Arms have no safety and are therefore not safe to carry with a round in the chamber. (That’s not true.)

For this discussion, let’s ask if you need a safety on a modern auto-loading pistol. Do you? I say no. And I follow that up by asking:  Why do you think you need a manual safety on a modern striker-fired pistol?

The gun is drop-safe. It can’t fire when dropped — unless you try to catch it and inadvertently pull the trigger. Do you think you need a safety because a child might get hold of your gun and fire it? How about you MAKE SURE no child ever gets hold of your gun — ever — under any circumstances? If you can’t guarantee that no child will get hold of your gun, maybe you should reconsider gun ownership.

What reason can you give that a modern pistol should be equipped with a safety? Let the debate begin.

Does a Safety Make a Pistol Safe?

Muzzle management and trigger-finger discipline make a pistol safe. That lever on the side really doesn’t do anything useful.

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