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It wasn’t too long ago that I was excitedly looking over some women’s gun magazines. That’s right: Magazines about guns … created FOR women! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with what I saw.

I really don’t mean to be overly critical here, but a few photos stood out to me as exactly why women’s gun magazines aren’t reaching their targets effectively. For example, one image portrayed a bikini-clad woman, draped over the front of a boat … with a firearm tucked precariously into her bathing suit bottoms.

The range safety officer in me was instantly unhappy with the lack of safety (or with the blatant disregard for safety rules). Guns aren’t toys. Nor are they objects of seduction.

The responsible gun owner in me got aggravated that this woman was most certainly not following the guidelines for a proper holster. The trigger and trigger guard were not properly covered, to say the least. And I guarantee that the moment this lady stands up, the gun will tumble right out of those spandex strings.

The woman in me just cringed. What was this photo trying to share about gun owners … and about women? And, more importantly, what was this photo actually saying … whether intended or not?

The other photo that immediately grabbed my attention was an image of a young woman with an AR-15. With eye and ear protection on, and properly seated at a bench, she was clearly set up for some target shooting at the range. But, interestingly enough, there was no magazine in the firearm. Oversight? Precaution? All I know is that it looked really odd for anyone to be “shooting” without ammunition.

Perhaps these frustrations and annoyances are part of why I have supported, pushed for and practically begged that women have a stronger voice in the firearms publication world. And they may be even more reason why I am beyond excited that USCCA’s award-winning Concealed Carry Magazine is launching a brand new quarterly women’s section.

Set to launch in our upcoming January 2017 issue, the women’s section will feature 26 pages of columns, articles, authors and contributors, with the overriding goals to present relevant and relatable information to the fastest-growing demographic in the firearms industry, to provide an informative and welcoming place for building a stronger female voice within the USCCA community and to empower women to take control of their own — and their family’s — safety.

Some of the new content in this women-centric section will include expert training tips, industry trends, practical and tactical information for all experience levels and a department dedicated entirely to girl gear. Brand new, recurring columns will offer fun statistics and details related to the world of firearms along with powerful, real-life experiences and inspirational stories.

And I have the honor and privilege of working with a fantastic and amazing content and design team to help make all of that happen!

Even though there have been a host of wonderful female authors and contributors in the magazine over the years, I honestly believe that this dedicated section is a long time coming. And the entire team is very excited to offer some fresh, new looks along with our women-focused content. And while I certainly believe that all of our readers will enjoy the additional pages, what’s really spectacular is that we now have a brand new way to connect with women who may not have ever picked up a copy of this magazine. We also have a brand new vehicle for sharing safe and responsible gun ownership … at the range, at the lake or wherever you happen to be!

(BTW: If you want “in” on this new women’s section, and you are not currently a subscriber to Concealed Carry Magazine, you have until December 12 at midnight to sign up to have this first issue in your hands!)


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