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Help Guide Responsibly Armed Americans Through
The Devastating Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Incident…

As a USCCA Network Attorney you'll play a critical role in getting responsibly armed Americans back home to their families after a self-defense incident.

The USCCA Attorney Network is a growing team of experienced, pro-Second Amendment attorneys from all 50 states looking to make a difference.

Being a resource for the USCCA Critical Response Team will also get you:

  • Guaranteed fees. Just for taking an emergency call Attorney’s will receive guaranteed payment...
  • Exposure. USCCA can offer both local and national level exposure for your practice...
  • Referrals. Members seek out attorneys they can trust for more than just their self-defense needs..
  • No Contracts. The USCCA believes in freedom of choice. You’re never required to take on a specific case...
  • And it’s 100% FREE!

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How Does The USCCA Critical Response Process Work?

1. The Incident

A USCCA Member is forced to use his or her legally possessed weapon in self-defense.

2. 911 Call

USCCA Member Calls 911: "I was attacked and was forced to defend myself. Please send police and an ambulance."

3. Member Calls

Member calls the USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD Critical Response Team.

4. Attorney
Intervention Point

The member's case manager immediately connects the member to the attorney of their choice and acts as a liaison between the member, attorney, and bondsman.

5. Interaction With
Responding Law

The USCCA Member follows instructions per advice of counsel.

6. Self-Defense
SHIELD Benefits

The USCCA Member has up-front protection and their case manager ensures all retainer and attorney fees are issued promptly.

Critical Response Team Contacts

Corrie Feavel

Corrie Feavel

USCCA Legal/Critical Response Team Director

Elana Seidler

Elana Seidler

Critical Response Team Coordinator