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Help Guide Responsibly Armed Americans Through The Devastating Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Incident…

As a USCCA Network Attorney you’ll play a critical role in getting responsibly armed Americans back home to their families after a self-defense incident.

The USCCA Attorney Network is a growing team of experienced, pro-Second Amendment attorneys from all 50 states looking to make a difference.

Being a resource for the USCCA Critical Response Team will also get you:

  • Guaranteed fees. Just for taking an emergency call Attorney’s will receive guaranteed payment...
  • Exposure. USCCA can offer both local and national level exposure for your practice...
  • Referrals. Members seek out attorneys they can trust for more than just their self-defense needs.
  • No Contracts. The USCCA believes in freedom of choice. You’re never required to take on a specific case...
  • And it’s 100% FREE!

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How Does The USCCA Critical Response Process Work?

1. The Incident

A USCCA Member is forced to use his or her legally possessed weapon in self-defense.

2. 911 Call

USCCA Member Calls 911: “I was attacked and was forced to defend myself. Please send police and an ambulance.”

3. Member Calls The USCCA

Member calls the USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD Critical Response Team.

4. Attorney Intervention Point

The member’s case manager immediately connects the member to the attorney of their choice and acts as a liaison between the member, attorney, and bondsman.

5. Interaction With Responding Law Enforcement

The USCCA Member follows instructions per advice of counsel

6. Self-Defense SHIELD Benefits

The USCCA Member has up-front protection and their case manager ensures all retainer and attorney fees are issued promptly.

Critical Response Team Contacts

Corrie Feavel

Corrie Feavel

Critical Response Team Director

Alicia Jeranek

Alicia Jeranek

Critical Response Team Lead

Joshua Gierlich

Critical Response Team Coordinator

Cassandra Weiss

Critical Response Team Coordinator

Benjamin Funk

Critical Response Team Coordinator