Any Other Weapon (AOW)

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any other weapon

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“Any Other Weapon” (AOW) is a term used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which includes:

  • Any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person and from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive
  • A pistol or revolver having a barrel with a smoothbore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell
  • A weapon with combination shotgun and rifle barrels 12 inches or more, less than 18 inches in length, from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manual reloading
  • Any such weapon which may be readily restored to fire

This term does not include a pistol or a revolver having a rifled bore (or rifled bores) or weapons designed, made or intended to be fired from the shoulder and not capable of firing fixed ammunition.

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