Zero Tolerance is quickly becoming my favorite producer of tactical folding knives. Its knives are American-made, razor sharp and thoughtfully designed — and they handle wonderfully. What more could you ask for? Zero Tolerance knives have it all.

The Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife is the company’s newest design for 2020. Although a bit different in blade style, the knife is a smaller sibling of the Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0462 Folding Knife that I reviewed in 2018. This knife features the new Tuned Detent System as part of its manual KVT ball bearing lockup. More about that in a moment.

Daily Tasks

While a heavy-duty blade is great to have when you need one, you won’t require a blade like this too often. In fact, in all the years I’ve been carrying a tactical blade — on and off duty — I’ve never had occasion to need a larger, heavier blade than the one I have on my person. Now I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I haven’t found myself needing to solve a cutting task with a knife larger than the one I carry.

The daily cutting tasks for which a person generally deploys a knife are quite boring. Opening boxes is clearly the No. 1 task my knives are used for. I don’t need a 4- or 5-inch blade to do these kinds of jobs; a 3.5-inch blade will handle most jobs with ease. The Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife is capable of much more.

Beauty With the Heart of a Beast

The new Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife is an example of a finely crafted cutting tool that can also excel at light “urgent uses.” An urgent-use situation is one in which you (and others around you) are glad to have a blade on hand. The knife is the ideal tool to have available in this type of situation.

The knife is perfectly suited for EDC. It is very easy to have on your person 24/7. Its light weight and trim dimensions make it easy on the pocket lining.

Raw technical data does not describe this knife’s effectiveness. I have been carrying it for three months now on an almost daily basis, and I can tell you that the folks at Zero Tolerance got this one right! It’s a beauty with the heart of a beast.

The trim dimensions of the Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife makes it ideal for comfortable pocket carry. The rear of the knife tapers down to the pocket clip, thus reducing the closed profile. The knife’s pocket clip is reversible. The top and bottom of the titanium and black carbon fiber portions of the grip have low-profile ridges that create a non-slip gripping surface.

The CPM 20CV drop-point blade made of stonewashed steel has a plain edge and is extremely sharp. The titanium frame lock has a hardened steel lockbar insert for additional strength and is equipped with Zero Tolerance’s new Tuned Detent System. This makes the knife just the right weight — not too heavy and not too light. Opening the knife is consistent, even when pressure is applied to the lockbar. The blade pivot nut is made of bead blasted steel, and the blade lockup is solid.

The manually operated opening system of the knife relies on a low-profile finger flipper to snap the blade open quickly. It forms the finger guard when the blade is locked. There is a series of ridges on top of the blade to keep the thumb from slipping when in use.


Simply put, this knife is another excellent Zero Tolerance blade. It is “just-right noticeable” in the pocket, meaning that you’ll hardly notice it’s there but at the same time won’t end up running it through the washing machine. It’s an all-American tool that is quite useful for EDC. While the Zero Tolerance website shows the Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife as being out of stock, I found them available at for the same $248 sale price. Grab one while you can.

Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife Specs

Opening Action

Manual, KVT Ball Bearing Lockup

Blade Steel




Blade Length

3.5 inches

Blade Thickness

0.121 inches

Closed Length

4.6 inches

Handle Material

Partially 3D Machined Carbon Fiber (titanium back)



Handle Thickness

0.043 inches

Overall Length (Blade Extended)

8.25 inches


2.3 ounces


Price $248 (normally $310)



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