When I received the Zero Tolerance 0462 Sinkevich folding tactical knife, I was not quite sure what to expect. While I was well aware of the outstanding reputation that Zero Tolerance had built for itself, I had never tested or even held a ZT knife before. So, I was looking forward to the test.

When I received the striking ZT “Go Bold” box with the words “Proudly Overbuilt in the USA,” I knew I was in for something special — and was I ever right!

As I removed the knife from the box, I had an immediate flashback to the part in the original 1986 Crocodile Dundee movie when Dundee says, “That’s a knife.”

Dmitry Sinkevich designed this beautiful, folding tactical knife. It illustrates what American craftsmen can do when they produce a folding blade that is geared toward defensive use. Here’s why.

The plain, 3.75-inch blade of the 0462 gets one’s immediate attention as soon as it is opened. This is due to its unique upswept design — which clearly shows it is designed with serious defensive use in mind. It is made of CPM 20CV steel, a highly wear-resistant tool steel. It has a stonewashed finish and is given a machine satin finish.

The feel of the 0462 in the hand shows the effort that went into the design. The grip has a curve to it that really has to be felt to be appreciated. With the blade locked open by the lockbar insert, the 0462 feels like it literally melts into your hand — much in the same way a German Luger pistol does. The curve helps maintain solid control in the hand, which is important in a blade this sharp. It’s not just sharp; it’s extremely sharp. It’s sharp to the point that you would need your spouse to drive you to the emergency room if you were careless.

The 0462 opens effortlessly with the finger flipper and KVT ball-bearing system. The finger flipper serves as the index-finger guard when opened, and even though it is not overly large, it provides ample protection due to the curve of the grip. And as one would expect with the aforementioned frame lock, the lockup is as solid as a fixed blade’s. The finger flipper system is the only way to go when compared to the older thumb-stud blade-opening system. With a knife like a 0462, you can bring the blade into action faster than you can with an automatic knife with a safety lock.

So far, so good, but what else makes the ZT 0462 worth its $300 MSRP price tag, besides the fact that it is made in the U.S.A. out of exquisite steel? The answer is the actual construction of the grip itself.

The grip is designed to keep the 0462 lightweight. It weighs only 3.7 ounces, which is very light for a knife with an overall open length of 8.9 inches (closed length is 5.25 inches).

The front grip is made of genuine red carbon fiber composite material — not a simulated carbon fiber with an imprinted carbon fiber pattern. It is not a bright red color but rather has more of a distinctive burgundy or rosewood hue. It looks very attractive and, of course, saves weight while providing an extremely high level of strength. Real carbon fiber is more expensive than the faux carbon fiber material used in less-expensive knives.

The rear portion of the grip is made of stonewashed titanium. Titanium is also a weight-saver and is more expensive than steel. The color achieved by the stonewashing process is a subdued gray, and it is the titanium grip portion that contains the frame lock. The grip is open for roughly half its length from the flipper back, which helps prevents lint from building up from pocket carry. By the way, the “Zero Tolerance” name is not found on the blade itself, but it is hidden inside the titanium portion of the grip. It will give you something to look for.

I was surprised to see that the pocket clip, which comes mounted on the titanium grip, is reversible. I had to look in the specs to find that out because I didn’t notice the screw holes in the carbon fiber portion of the grip. But because I carry folding knives deep in my pocket to help avoid loss or theft, it really does not matter which side the clip is mounted on. Besides, I see no reason to advertise that you may be carrying a self-defense-capable folding knife any more than I see a reason for advertising that you are carrying a handgun by carrying it in the open.

I have been carrying the Zero Tolerance 0462 for a couple of weeks now. I have been using it for the mundane day-to-day tasks for which one mostly employs tactical folders of this type. But when held in the reverse or “icepick” grip, the 0462 would be a formidable defense tool and certainly is a knife that will give the owner a high degree of pride of ownership and a lifetime of service.

More info at: https://zt.kaiusaltd.com