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True Stories — October 2019


Oregon Robber Takes Small Ax to a Gunfight

A Portland man entered a convenience store, approached the cash register and drew a 12-inch hatchet from his pants, announcing a robbery. The clerk, in turn, drew a semi-automatic pistol from his pants, causing the robber to lay his hatchet on the counter, apologize to the clerk and flee the store empty-handed. The President of the Plaid Pantry convenience store company promptly fired the gun-toting clerk, citing its zero-tolerance for guns and training employees to “de-escalate robbery situations to avoid injury.”

KOIN-TV, Portland, Oregon

Armed Florida Citizen Kills Armed Carjacking Suspect

Witnesses saw an armed man in a Sun City Center parking lot going from car to car, looking for one to carjack. When that didn’t work out, the gunman approached businesses in the shopping area. He confronted a man who had gone to check his own vehicle after hearing reports of the carjacking attempts. The citizen, who was legally armed and fearing for his life, drew his own pistol and fired on the carjacker, fatally wounding him.

WFTS-TV, Tampa, Florida

Georgia Man Defends Against Armed Trespasser

A Concord man noticed a stranger on his property. The homeowner and his son, who armed himself with a shotgun, went outside to check on the man. The intruder fired on the two men. Though wounded by the trespasser’s bullet, the son returned fire with the shotgun, striking and fatally wounding the criminal. Investigating authorities determined the son acted in self-defense and will not be charged.

CBS 46, Atlanta, Georgia

California Mom Defends Home and Children

A Bakersfield mother was at home with her children when a stranger entered their home with a hammer. Not knowing the man and fearing for the safety of herself and her children, the mother took up a firearm and shot the intruder. She then held him for police. The intruder’s injuries were not life-threatening, and he is being charged with robbery, burglary, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon.

Washington State Man Shoots Homeless Burglar

A homeless man defied a Thurston County homeowner’s order to leave his property. Instead, he forcibly entered the home and attacked the homeowner. When efforts to defend against the attack with a piece of wood failed, the homeowner shot his attacker with a pistol. Police said the homeowner was within his rights to protect his home.

Q13 Fox, Thurston County, Washington

Pennsylvania CCW Holder Stops Drunken Rampage

A Philadelphia resident with a concealed carry permit saw an apparently drunk man assaulting people and damaging vehicles in the residential area he was visiting. When the armed citizen approached the attacker and tried to dissuade him from his attacks, he was punched in the face. That’s when the CCW holder used his pistol to shoot his attacker in the leg, ending the incident. Police said the shooter acted in self-defense.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania

New Hampshire Man Shoots Attacking Pit Bull

A Manchester man was walking his dog when the pet was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. While the man tried to protect his own dog, the pit bull bit him and pulled him to the ground. When the man saw the pit bull charging him a second time, he drew his handgun and shot the attacking dog. The man said he never leaves home without a gun because “it’s too dangerous out there.”

Alabama Dollar Store Manager Thwarts Sword-Wielding Robbers

Two men, one brandishing a long sword and his companion bearing a short sword, entered a Family Dollar Store in Birmingham and demanded money. Fortunately, the store manager at the cash register was carrying a pistol, which he drew when the robbers announced the robbery. Seeing the gun, both would-be robbers fled the store. This was the thirteenth robbery attempt of that store in five months.

California Homeowner Kills Home Invader

A Lancaster man and his family heard loud banging noises close to 7 one morning. The family stayed together in a bedroom, and the father, arming himself with a pistol, called 911. The father was on the phone with police when the intruder entered the bedroom, at which time the father fired a single fatal shot. Responding authorities pronounced the intruder dead at the scene.

KTLA-TV Channel 5, Los Angeles, California

Oklahoma Man Shoots Burglar During Break-In

An Owasso man was at home at 11:30 p.m. when he heard glass breaking in the house. When he investigated the noise, he saw a man entering the house through a broken window. The 18-year-old resident fired on the burglar, fatally wounding him. It turned out the burglar was the shooter’s estranged uncle who sometimes lived there. Police, who are continuing their investigation, reported the shooting to be an apparent self-defense incident.

KOKI-TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma

West Virginia Woman Shoots Home Invader

A 70-year-old Hillsboro homeowner heard glass breaking in her home. She retrieved a .22 Magnum rifle and went to investigate. She found two windows in her home broken and a strange man trying to enter the house. She promptly shot the intruder, causing him to flee. Responding police found him lying in the yard when they arrived.

WOWK-TV, Charleston, West Virginia

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