True Stories — May/June 2018

Wrench in His Plans: South Carolina Armed Citizens Stop Customer’s Rampage

When a disgruntled customer of a Rock Hill auto dealership took up a pipe wrench and began threatening to kill customers and damaging several cars, two local men with concealed carry permits intervened to stop the incident and held the miscreant at gunpoint for responding police. Customers and employees of the auto dealership were grateful for the presence of the concealed carriers. The subject will face charges of attempted murder, assault and battery, and breach of the peace. This was the subject’s second such incident at the dealership in as many months.

WFYY News 4, Greenville, South Carolina

California Homeowner Shoots Attempted Home Invader

When an Oroville man was confronted by a persistent stranger banging on his door and demanding entry, the homeowner called police and took up a pistol in case he needed it. On going to the door again, the stranger tried to force his way into the home, at which point the resident shot him.

Chico Enterprise-Record, California

North Carolina Grocer Foils Armed Robbery with Shotgun

A lone gunman threatened to kill a Winston-Salem grocer unless the grocer handed over all the money in the store. When the robber was distracted, the grocer drew a shotgun on the would-be bandit, driving him away empty-handed. No one was injured in the incident.

WFMY-TV News 2, Greensboro, North Carolina

Arizona Coin Store Owner Defeats Armed Robber

A Phoenix coin store owner was met shortly after opening one morning by a young man and woman. When they entered the store, the man produced a pistol and demanded money. The storeowner drew his own gun and fired on the man, wounding him in the leg. The defending owner then held both persons at gunpoint until police arrived.

ABC Channel 15, Phoenix, Arizona

Texas Pizza Parlor Employee Kills Armed Robber

An Amarillo pizza store employee was confronted by two men, one of whom was armed, brandished a gun and demanded money. The employee, who was legally armed, feared for his life, drew his own gun and shot the armed robber, mortally wounding him. The robber’s pistol turned out to be a BB gun.

KFDA News Channel 10, Amarillo, Texas

Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Armed Robber

A young, armed man approached a 58-year-old man in Chicago’s Austin community and demanded the older man’s property. Unfortunately for the robber, the victim was legally armed and used his pistol to shoot the assailant once in the chest, mortally wounding him and ending the incident.

The Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois

Another Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Armed Robber

A Chicago man was robbed at gunpoint one Sunday evening. After handing over his money, the victim drew his legally carried pistol and shot the robber in the chest, mortally wounding him and ending the encounter.

The Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois

Georgia Homeowner Defeats Three Home Invaders in Gun Battle

A Lawrenceville man heard sounds of a break-in to his home about 3 a.m. Taking up a pistol for defense, he investigated and found three strangers inside his house. The homeowner and the bandits exchanged gunfire; the homeowner was wounded in the leg during the battle, but he succeeded in driving off the invaders, one of whom died from a gunshot wound sustained in the fight.

The Gwinnett Daily Post, Georgia

Armed West Virginia Grandmother Foils Home Invasion

A Putnam County grandmother heard someone trying to pry open her bedroom window on Christmas Eve. Taking up a pistol she kept for defense, she raised the weapon and ordered the burglar to leave, which he promptly did on seeing the armed and determined woman.

WSAZ-TV Channel 3, Huntington, West Virginia

Ohio Pharmacist Stops Trio of Armed Robbers

An Akron pharmacist was opening his business about 9 a.m. one day when three masked men dressed all in black stormed his store, with two of them jumping the counter to accost him. The storeowner was armed, drew his pistol and fired on the robbers, wounding one and putting all three to flight.

TV News Channel 5, Cleveland, Ohio

Louisiana Woman Defends Against Early-Morning Intruder in Bedroom

A 76-year-old New Orleans woman awoke to a noise in her home. On investigating, she found a stranger in her bedroom with some type of object in his hand. Taking up a pistol she kept nearby for emergencies, she shot the intruder once — ending the incident — and called police.

WWL-TV Channel 4, New Orleans, Louisiana

Texas Resident Foils Armed Robbery by Juveniles

A Dallas man was approaching his home when he was accosted by two juveniles who tried to rob him. The homeowner drew a gun and shot both of the juvenile assailants, putting them to flight. The young perpetrators will face charges of aggravated robbery.

DFW Channel 11, Dallas, Texas