True Stories — July 2019


Harrowing Escape: Louisiana Good Samaritans Free Kidnapped Woman

Two passers-by stopped to render aid when they witnessed a man and woman struggling on the side of the road in Natchitoches Parish. The woman promptly ran to their vehicle, and her assailant followed. That’s when one of the rescuers drew his pistol for protection, which frightened off the assailant. It turned out the man and woman were domestic partners, and an argument had escalated to the point where the man bound her with zip ties and shocked her with a stun device. The assailant later surrendered to police and confessed to kidnapping his partner. The sheriff was quick to praise the two good Samaritans, thanking them for their actions., Louisiana

Illinois Woman Defends Against Domestic Abuser

A Chicago woman had a disagreement with her boyfriend in her South Loop luxury apartment. When her boyfriend began brutally beating her, she retrieved a gun and shot him in the leg, ending the assault. The woman suffered bruises, lacerations and a broken hand. She was not charged in the incident, though her boyfriend was arrested.

Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois

Utah Homeowner Shoots Burglar

One Monday night, a Murray homeowner encountered a strange man who had entered the home through a sliding glass door. Not knowing the intruder and fearing for his life, he shot the burglar, who later died in the hospital. Police investigators said the shooting was in self-defense.

San Francisco Chronicle, California

Florida CCW Holder Stops Knife Assault

When he witnessed a knife-wielding individual stab another man, an armed Daytona man drew his legally carried pistol and fired on the attacker. Police refused to say whether the armed citizen succeeded in hitting the attacker, though they did credit him as a good Samaritan for trying to stop the stabbing. Police took two suspects into custody, one of whom resisted arrest.

Daytona Beach News-Journal, Florida

Ohio Restaurateur Stops Armed Robbery

An Akron pub owner saw a ski-masked man enter his property about 7 p.m. As the owner approached the bar, the masked man reached toward his waistband, apparently for a weapon. That’s when the owner drew his own pistol and confronted the man, who promptly fled the premises., Cleveland, Ohio

Armed Florida Customer Foils Pizzeria Robbery

Three men robbed a North Fort Myers Little Caesars pizza store. Unfortunately for the robbers, one of their victims was armed. He drew his gun and fired on them, injuring one and putting the rest to flight. Two of the robbers were arrested; the third will face charges upon his release from the hospital., Florida

Georgia Woman Defeats Home Invader

After hearing the noise of a possible break-in, a Commerce woman investigated and saw a strange man at the rear of her home. She warned the man not to enter the house but later heard glass breaking from an upstairs window. The homeowner fired two shots toward the intruder, missing him but halting his entry. Responding police arrested the man., Georgia

Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Man Who Killed Woman in Dentist’s Office

One morning, a disgruntled husband shot his wife inside the Kingsport dentist’s office at which she worked. A legally armed bystander saw what was happening and engaged the shooter, stopping what could have been a mass murder. After shooting him twice, the citizen detained the downed gunman until the police arrived. Unfortunately, the injured woman died at a local hospital. Police lauded the armed citizen as a hero who acted responsibly and promptly, stating that the incident could have been much worse without the citizen’s armed intervention.

CBS News, Tennessee

Georgia Mother Defends Against Abusive Boyfriend

An Evans teenager got into an argument with his mother’s boyfriend. The argument escalated, and the boyfriend began hitting, kicking and biting the boy. Fearing for her son’s safety as well as her own, the mother shot her boyfriend once in the chest, killing him. Police are calling the incident self-defense.

WRDW, Evans, Georgia

Pennsylvania Man Fights Off Armed Robbers

An Allentown man was parking his car around 2 a.m. when he was accosted by two men and a woman who forced his car door open and demanded money. One of the men struck the driver on the side of the face with a pistol. The attackers also pepper-sprayed the victim. Asking the robbers to wait while he got some cash, the victim drew his legally carried pistol. He fired a single shot at his attackers, striking one fatally in the chest. Responding police were able to apprehend the remaining thieves. The gun the robbers used turned out to be a BB gun., Pennsylvania

Armed Tennessee Gun Store Clerks Catch Gun Thieves

Four young men robbed a Murfreesboro gun store by grabbing two guns and running out the door. Because similar crimes had recently occurred, store personnel were ready this time. Several armed store clerks gave chase and apprehended the thieves, holding them at gunpoint for police. The clerks recovered the stolen weapons.

WTVF-TV Channel 5, Nashville

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