Think Fast: Texas Man Shoots Robber Wielding Sawed-Off Shotgun

A Houston man was walking to his car at about 2 a.m. when he was accosted by a man pointing a sawed-off shotgun at him. The citizen quickly drew his legally carried pistol and shot the assailant, disabling him and stopping the crime. Police have declined charges against the defending citizen.

KTRK-TV Channel 13, Houston, Texas


Washington State Homeowner Stops Burglar

Hearing banging noises outside his home early one morning, a Ferndale man took a gun with him for protection while investigating. He found a strange young man had broken a rear window in his garage and entered a fenced area. The burglar submitted peacefully to the owner, who held him at gunpoint for responding police. The offender was arrested without incident on burglary and malicious mischief charges., Ferndale, Washington


Texas Homeowner Shoots Man Breaking Into Home

A Bowie County man heard unusual sounds at his back door at about 9:30 one night. On seeing a strange man trying to break into his house, the homeowner fired a single shot at him, wounding him and ending the criminal invasion. County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident and have not charged the homeowner.

KLTV Channel 7, Tyler, Texas


Armed Georgian Drives Off Two Armed Robbers

When two hooded and armed men entered an Acworth Waffle House, drew handguns and demanded money from the cashier, an armed customer was having none of it. He promptly drew his own pistol and fired on the duo, putting both to flight and ending the robbery attempt. No one was injured in the incident.

The Woodstock Patch, Georgia


Would-Be Pennsylvania Burglar Dies Attempting Home Invasion

After breaking a glass door to gain entry to a Springdale Township residence, a home invader was confronted by an armed resident who shot him once, which drove the intruder from the home. Responding police found the intruder across the street, dead from his wound. Charges have not been filed against the resident.

WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Utah Concealed Carry Permit Holder Rescues Cop

A courageous Utah citizen is credited with saving the life of a Utah police officer. Seeing the officer being assaulted in Springville, the good Samaritan drew his weapon, moved in on the attacker and ordered him to stop. The attacker stopped the attack on the officer and fled the scene but was apprehended later. The officer suffered a broken eye socket and lacerations around one eye.

U.S. News & World Report


Kentucky Homeowner Captures Burglar

A Brownsville man heard noises in his home one night and found a young man trying to break in. The homeowner took up a pistol and held the burglar at gunpoint for responding police. No one was harmed in the incident.

WBKO Channel 13, Bowling Green, Kentucky


Armed Florida Homeowner Stops Home Invasion

An armed Indian River County homeowner found an armed man in his home about 5:30 one evening. He exchanged gunfire with the intruder, wounding him and driving him away. The homeowner was also wounded in the exchange. The burglar, who sustained two gunshot wounds, was arrested outside the home. Both men are expected to survive their injuries.


North Carolina Serviceman Kills Wife’s Attacker

A Fayetteville woman was accosted at her doorstep by an unknown man who forced her into her home at gunpoint. Hearing the commotion, the woman’s husband took up a pistol to investigate and fired on the intruder. The single shot killed the attacker, who died at the scene.

Fox 8, High Point, North Carolina


Florida Mother Shoots Son Who Strangled Her

A New Port Ritchie man was so irate when his mother woke him for work that he tried to strangle her. The mother broke free and grabbed a gun to protect herself, but the irate son tried to strangle her again. This time, the mother used her pistol to defend herself, shooting her son once in the stomach. Police reported that the mother acted in self-defense when she inflicted the non-life-threatening wound.


Maryland Octogenarian Shoots Home Invader

A retired 83-year-old Mitchellville teacher heard noises in the night and then heard a loud crashing sound. Realizing his home had been broken into, he stayed in his bedroom to avoid a confrontation. When his bedroom door came crashing open, he used a pistol to fire two shots at the intruder, wounding him and forcing him to flee the house. Responding police found the burglar about two blocks away in front of a neighboring home.

WUSA-TV Channel 9, Washington, D.C.


Armed Citizen Stops Delaware Home Invader

A Hartly woman noticed sounds of someone moving around her house when she woke at 6 one morning. She alerted her boyfriend, who took up a Glock pistol and found a stranger in the living room. On being caught, the man claimed he broke in to avoid the rain. He was held at gunpoint without incident for responding police.

The Washington Times, Washington, D.C.