When the burglar opened the door of the closet the woman was hiding in, she fired on him, hitting him and driving him from the premises.

Tennessee Woman Defends Against Daytime Burglar

Hearing a knock on her door one morning and seeing through the peephole someone she did not know, a Nashville woman hid in her closet, taking a .357 Magnum revolver with her, and called 911. The unknown man broke into the home, and when he opened the door of the closet she was hiding in, she fired on him, hitting him and driving him from the premises. The burglar was later arrested when he sought medical treatment for his gunshot wound.

WKRN-TV Channel 2, Nashville, Tennessee

West Virginia Man Defends Against Home-Invading Duo

Two men broke into a Clarksburg home at about 5 a.m. and woke the couple living there. During the commotion and assault that ensued, the husband took up a pistol and fired on the two invaders, striking one in the chest and holding both at gunpoint for responding police. Charges are pending against both men. The homeowner was determined to have acted in defense of self, family and home.

MetroNews, Charleston, West Virginia

CCW Holder Shoots Hatchet-Wielding Attacker in Washington State Convenience Store

A 60-year-old Seattle man with a concealed carry permit was in a convenience store buying coffee early one morning when a masked man armed with a hatchet entered the store and swung the hatchet at him for no reason. After missing with the hatchet, the masked man dashed behind the store counter and attacked the store clerk. The concealed carry permit holder then drew his pistol and fired on the attacker, killing him and ending the incident without injury to the innocent.

The Seattle Times, Washington

Escaped Murder Suspect Takes Family Hostage, Ends Up Dead

A 34-year-old man held on murder charges escaped jail and evaded authorities for a week. The subject then broke into a Vicksburg, Mississippi, home, taking the owners and their child hostage and confining them to a bathroom. The incident ended when the kidnapper allowed the mother to leave the room. She then promptly retrieved a pistol, returned to the bathroom and shot their kidnapper in the head, ending the crime spree and saving herself, her husband and their 5-year-old son.

The Vicksburg Post, Mississippi

Off-Duty Florida Cop Shoots Burglar

An off-duty Miramar police officer was awakened in his Davie residence by the sound of glass breaking. Taking up a pistol to investigate the noise, he found a burglar inside his home. Fearing for his safety, he fired on the burglar, killing him and ending the crime. Davie Police are calling the incident self-defense.

NBC Channel 6, Miramar, Florida

The station clerk drew the .45 ACP pistol he routinely carries and pointed it at the would-be robber, causing him to flee.

The station clerk drew the .45 ACP pistol he routinely carries and pointed it at the would-be robber, causing him to flee.

Armed Michigan Store Clerk Foils Armed Robbery

A man walked into a Dundee gas station and announced a robbery. The station clerk, who holds a concealed carry license, drew the .45 ACP pistol he routinely carries and pointed it at the would-be robber, causing him to flee the scene empty-handed.

MLive.com, Michigan

Armed Michigan Man Defends Against Hammer Attack

A Mecosta County man was arguing with a roommate when, after things took a scary turn, he locked himself in a bedroom for safety. The other man began beating on the door with a hammer to gain entry to the bedroom. Fearing for his life, after the hammer went through the door and narrowly missed his head, the defending roommate fired a shot, ending the attack. Responding police arrested the hammer-wielding roommate for aggravated assault.

MLive.com, Michigan

Pennsylvania Man Stops Home Invaders

Hearing sounds of a possible break-in late one night at his home, a Jeannette man took up a .380 ACP pistol and went to investigate. He found four men trying to enter his home through a side window. He fired on the intruders, striking two of the four in the legs and driving all away. All were arrested by investigating police, who ascertained that the would-be burglars were juveniles, aged between 13 and 15. Charges are not expected against the defending homeowner.

TribLive.com, Pittsburgh

California Taco Stand Owner Defends Against Armed Robbery

A South Los Angeles taco stand vendor was approached late in the day by three men, one of whom pulled a gun and demanded money. The taco stand vendor drew his own pistol and fired on the trio, wounding one and putting all to flight. L.A. police report the vendor was defending himself.

SFGate.com, San Francisco

West Virginia Octogenarian Repels Three Armed Robbers

An 80-year-old Fairmont man allowed a young woman to enter his home during the day after she explained she had an emergency and needed to use his telephone. As she entered the home, two male accomplices forced their way in and demanded money from the elderly man at gunpoint. Rather than be a victim, the homeowner drew his own gun and fired on all three robbers, one of whom was shot in the head and died at the scene. The second robber was shot in the torso and survived to flee the scene. The female, who was unharmed, also fled. Investigating police plan no arrest of the defending homeowner, and the local police chief plans to give him a box of cartridges in appreciation of his heroism.


Missouri Man Fights Off Prescription Drug Robbers

An older Washington County man, ill enough to be on permanent oxygen therapy, was home alone when two men knocked on his door. As he answered the door, the two men, one of them masked, forced their way in, threw the homeowner down on a sofa and demanded medications. The homeowner was able to retrieve a handgun he kept near the couch and fired on the intruders, hitting one in the abdomen, putting both to flight and ending the attack. Police arrested the suspects when they sought medical attention for the wounded robber. Police have determined that the homeowner fired in self-defense.

DailyJournalOnline.com, Park Hills, Missouri

Michigan Woman Scares Off Daylight Burglars

A Mount Forest Township woman heard her doorbell ring one morning but ignored it. Two men then entered her screened-in porch and proceeded to kick in a door to the residence. Fortunately, the female homeowner had taken up a pistol earlier, and her holding the pistol on them was the first thing the burglars saw on entering the house. Both men fled the scene without shots fired or injury to anyone.

MLive.com, Michigan