Domestic Dispute: Indiana Woman Shoots in Self-Defense

An Indianapolis woman resorted to a pistol when an argument with her boyfriend turned violent. When the boyfriend pointed a pistol at her, the woman drew her own gun and fired on the man. One hit landed and ended the incident. Police are investigating the incident as a self-defense shooting.

Fox 59 TV, Indianapolis, Indiana

Florida Man Defends Home and Mother

A Titusville man saw two men — one masked, the other armed — breaking into the home he shared with his mother. Quickly taking up his own gun, the resident fired on the two home invaders, killing one outright and fatally wounding the second assailant. No one living in the home suffered any injuries in the attack.

Spectrum News 13, Orlando, Florida

Arizona Armed Good Samaritan Foils Kidnapping Attempt of 11-Year-Old Girl

An 11-year-old Phoenix girl was walking to school about 7:30 a.m. when a strange man grabbed her, pinned her arm behind her back and put his other arm across her face. Seeing what was happening, a nearby armed citizen approached the man, knocked him down and pointed his pistol at him. The assailant then fled on foot. Phoenix police have undertaken an extensive hunt for the would-be kidnapper.

The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona

Florida Food Truck Crew Defends Against Armed Robbers

A food truck was parked in northwest Miami one morning when an armed man approached and demanded money of a woman working inside. Hearing the commotion, the truck’s driver approached the robbery scene. While handing money over to the robber, he was able to get to his own pistol and fire, putting the robber to flight. A good Samaritan then tackled the suspect and held him for police. Meanwhile, two persons in a nearby parked car fired on the food truck. The driver returned fire, hitting one of the occupants, who promptly fled the scene. Police later apprehended both suspects. No one in the food truck was injured.

NBC Channel 6-TV, Miramar, Florida

Pennsylvania Jitney Driver Stops Armed Robber

A 73-year-old Duquesne Jitney driver had picked up two men for a fare about 4 p.m. when one of the men produced a pistol and struck the driver, demanding money. After the driver stopped the car and both men got out, the driver drew his legally carried pistol and shot the robber, killing him, which put the other passenger to flight. Investigating police stated the driver acted lawfully.

WPXI Channel 11 TV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Arizona Grandmother Shoots Home Invader

A Cordes Lakes grandmother was home with her husband and three young grandchildren at 7:30 one evening when an unknown male broke into the dwelling. He demanded money, got into a fight with the husband and refused to leave. While the intruder struggled with her husband, the grandmother retrieved a handgun, confronted the intruder with it and ordered him to leave. When he advanced on her instead of leaving, the woman fired on him, striking him at least once and causing him to flee. Police found the wounded intruder at a nearby home, where he had collapsed from non-life-threatening injuries.

ABC 15 News, Phoenix, Arizona

Pennsylvania Resident Shoots Home Invader

A York resident was at home one evening when a stranger broke in and assaulted him. The resident retrieved a gun and fired, killing the attacker. A joint police-prosecutor investigation cleared the defensive shooter of wrongdoing, calling it self-defense. The 23-year-old attacker died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

WGAL-TV Channel 8, York, Pennsylvania

Oklahoma Woman Defends Against Roadside Domestic Assault

A Tulsa woman and her romantic acquaintance were walking home from a store one afternoon when the man began an argument and attacked her. She fought him off, but he continued the argument. When he attacked her again, she drew a gun and shot him, hitting him at least once and inflicting a mortal wound. She ran to her nearby apartment and reported the shooting to police. She was then questioned and released, as police are treating the incident as self-defense.

Fox 23 News, Tulsa, Oklahoma

North Carolina Mother Exchanges Gunfire With Home Invader

A Burlington mother of a 10-year-old boy was awakened by sounds of a home break-in around 4 one morning. Taking up a pistol to investigate, the mother encountered an armed man who opened fire on her with his own pistol. The mother returned fire, frightening the burglar enough to leave by the same window he had entered. The woman was not hurt in the exchange, nor was the burglar believed to have been wounded.

Arizona Man Kills One, Seriously Wounds Another Home Invader

A Phoenix man heard noises of a possible intruder to his home about 1 a.m. When he investigated, he found two men trying to break into his residence. He fired on the duo, killing one and seriously wounding the other.

Fox News 10, Phoenix, Arizona