Parking Lot Beef: Florida Man Stops Violent Assailant

A Port St. John man was in a McDonald’s parking lot enjoying his meal when a stranger approached him and started beating him for no apparent reason. When the assailant continued his attack without explanation, the victim drew a pistol and fired on his attacker, fatally wounding him., Florida


Virginia Grandmother Stops Car Theft

While showering one morning, a Warren County grandmother was alerted by her daughter that someone was trying to steal her truck. Donning a robe and grabbing a pistol, the grandmother confronted the bandit, ordering him out of the vehicle and holding him at gunpoint for responding police. They arrested him without incident and booked him on several charges at a local detention facility.

Royal Examiner, Front Royal, Virginia


Pennsylvania Woman Defends Against Home Break-In

An East Bethlehem woman’s ex-boyfriend tried to forcefully enter her home one evening through a screen door. When he refused her order to leave, she shot him once. Paramedics airlifted him to a hospital for treatment of his wound. His condition was not available at press time.

CBS News, Pittsburgh


North Carolina Homeowner Foils Armed Invaders

Three strangers surprised a Raleigh homeowner when they tried to force their way into the back door of his home. Grabbing a gun, the homeowner fired on the trio, who returned fire before fleeing the scene. Police discovered one of the wounded assailants nearby and charged him with several crimes.

WRAL-TV Channel 5, Raleigh, North Carolina


Georgia Mother Defends Herself and Children

Hearing noises at around 2 a.m. in the home she shared with her two young children, a Columbus mother took up a pistol when she went to investigate. Finding a stranger who had broken into her home, the single mother fired one shot, hitting the intruder in the abdomen and causing him to flee. The wounded man sought help from his victim’s neighbor, where responding police arrested him.

WTVM-TV Channel 9, Columbus, Georgia


Armed Alabama Citizen Foils Store Robbery

When a legally armed citizen in Ardmore saw a convenience store being robbed, he waited for the robber to leave and then ordered him to stop. Rather than comply, the robber pointed his gun at the citizen, who responded by shooting and killing the assailant. Police hailed the armed good Samaritan for his actions.

WTVA-TV Channel 9, Tupelo, Mississippi


Missouri Teen Stops Vicious Attack on His Mother

A Green County teenager saw a man strangling his mother. When the man refused to stop despite pleas that he do so, the teen took up a shotgun and shot the assailant in the head, wounding him and stopping the attack. The assailant suffered nonfatal wounds and will be arrested once he is released from the hospital. The police said the teenage boy has not been arrested or charged for defending his mother., Springfield, Missouri


Georgia Restaurant Clerk Kills Armed Robber

An armed man entered a Warner Robins restaurant, jumped the counter and demanded money from employees. An employee physically engaged the robber and wrestled with him for the gun. As he got up from the floor, the employee drew his own pistol and shot the robber twice, which put him to flight. Responding police found the wounded robber near the store and transported him to a nearby hospital, where he died of his wounds.

WMAZ-TV Channel 13, Macon, Georgia


Texas Man Survives Gunfight, Mortally Wounds Attacker

Two men invaded a Beaumont man’s home one evening and tried to rob him. During the attack, the homeowner retrieved a pistol and fired on one of the robbers, who returned fire. Although shot several times, the homeowner was able to mortally wound his attacker and remains in stable condition., Jasper, Texas


Nevada Homeowner Defends Against Knife-Wielding Invader

A Las Vegas resident awoke to a stranger outside his locked bedroom demanding entry and threatening to kill him. Retrieving a firearm, the homeowner demanded the intruder leave and fired a warning shot into his ceiling. When the warning failed to deter the invader, the resident fired through the door, striking the intruder in the leg. Responding police arrived on the scene and captured the assailant, later arresting him after a local hospital treated his wounds. Police suspect the intruder was deranged or under the influence of an unknown substance.

KLAS-TV Channel 8, Las Vegas


Texas Woman Shoots Nighttime Home Invader

A stranger broke into an Edinburg woman’s house one night. Taking up a gun, the woman gathered her children and hid with them in a bedroom. When the intruder demanded she open the door, the homeowner warned the intruder that she had a gun and ordered him to leave. When the man refused, the woman fired through the door, wounding him in the arm and driving him off. Police later apprehended the wounded invader in a nearby field., Texas


Utah Mom Defends Teen From Violent Boyfriend

A Taylorsville mother found her 16-year-old daughter being savagely beaten by her daughter’s 19-year-old boyfriend. The mother promptly took up a gun and ordered the enraged boyfriend to cease his attack. After an investigation, police arrested the attacker on several charges., Utah