No Refuge Here: South Carolina Woman Shoots Escaped Prisoner

Twenty minutes after overpowering two guards to escape from a nearby jail and still wearing his orange prison jumpsuit, a man tried to break into a Columbia residence at about 3 one morning. Hearing the noise of her back door being kicked in, the lone female homeowner retrieved the pistol she kept for defense. When the escapee, wielding a knife-sharpening tool he had found in the house, approached her bedroom, she fired on him, hitting him in the head and killing him instantly. The Pickens County Sheriff called the incident a “shining example” of why private gun ownership and defensive skills are important.

U.S. News & World Report

Missouri Mother Saved by Armed Good Samaritan

A Kansas City mother of three was driving with her children to drop her boyfriend off at his cousin’s residence. An argument ensued, and when she stopped the car, the boyfriend began beating her furiously. Fortunately, a nearby homeowner heard the woman’s “blood-curdling screams,” took up a pistol and went to investigate. Seeing the woman being viciously assaulted in her car, the legal gun owner pointed his pistol at the assailant, ordered him out of the car, had him lie down on the ground and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Responding police thanked the homeowner for stopping the attack.

WDAF-TV, Kansas City, Missouri

Florida Man Defends Against Aggressor

A Cocoa man was at a laundromat when another customer became threatening and aggressive. As tensions escalated, the victim of the aggression, fearing for his safety, drew his legally carried pistol and told the aggressor to back away. When the assailant kept coming, the victim shot him in the leg, ending the incident. The laundromat manager backed up the victim’s version of events, as did the man shot, who confirmed that he was the aggressor. Police declined prosecution in the incident.

News 13, Orlando, Florida

Michigan Woman Kills Home Invader

A Detroit mother and daughter were leaving their home for church on a Sunday morning when an unknown male accosted and tried to grab the younger woman. Concerned for their safety, the women retreated into their home. When the stranger forced his way inside, the mother retrieved a pistol she kept for defense and shot him twice, killing him. Police said the shooting was in self-defense and made no arrests.

WXYZ-TV, Detroit, Michigan

Tennessee Home Invasion Leads to Death of Masked Gunman

A pair of armed and masked men forced their way into a White County home near Cookeville about 10:30 p.m. on a Friday. Of the several people home at the time, one had a pistol and fired on the intruders, killing one and seriously wounding the other. The home’s residents were uninjured.

The Herald-Citizen, Cookeville, Tennessee

Florida Woman Fatally Defends Against Assault

A Port St. Lucie woman was retrieving her car keys from the home of her boyfriend’s mother when the man suddenly threw an empty pail and a heavy ceramic figurine at her, both of which missed the woman and did serious damage to her car. The man then approached his girlfriend in a rage with a large rock in his hands. Fearing for her life, the woman drew her legally carried pistol and shot him once, killing him. The Florida State Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute the shooter.

CBS News Channel 12, West Palm Beach, Florida

Alabama Fight Intervener Killed For His Trouble

Seeing two men involved in an early morning fight in Montgomery, a third man tried to intervene by shooting at one of the fighters. He missed, but the man he was shooting at returned fire with his own pistol, fatally wounding the interloper. Charges have not been filed against the surviving shooter, who police report was acting in self-defense.

Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama

Pennsylvania Barbershop Incident Ends Violently

A Philadelphia barbershop argument turned violent when a customer attacked the store owner. Fearing for his life, the owner drew a pistol and shot his assailant twice, wounding him in the groin and stomach. Investigators report the store owner acted in self-defense.

U.S. News & World Report

Washington State Grandfather Shoots Grandson While Defending Great-Granddaughter

A Renton family disturbance turned violent when a 78-year-old man observed his 26-year-old grandson assault the grandson’s child. Fearing for his great-granddaughter’s safety, the elder man retrieved a pistol. Upon seeing the gun, the grandson became violently agitated and physically threatening. Fearing for his own life and that of his great-granddaughter, the older man fired on his grandson, mortally wounding him. Family members confirmed that the grandson was a frequent source of domestic violence to the entire family, and police found the shooting to be justified.

The Renton Reporter, Washington

Armed Citizen Stops Shooter in Alabama McDonald’s

A Birmingham McDonald’s was closing one night when the manager unlocked the door to allow a father and son to leave. That’s when an armed man entered the restaurant and opened fire. The father drew his own pistol and returned fire on their attacker, killing him and ending the incident. In the brief exchange of about a dozen rounds, the father and son suffered non-life-threatening wounds. Police said the shooting appeared to be self-defense, and the father will not face charges.

WNEP-TV Channel 12, Birmingham, Alabama

Correction: West Virginia Mom Shoots Rapist

It has been brought to our attention that the story that ran within the True Stories department on Page 22 of the February/March 2019 issue under the header “West Virginia Mom Shoots Rapist” was fabricated. We regret this error and will no longer use the source from which that story came.